Jon Bernthal
Actor Jon Bernthal, pictured here at the press conference for 'Fury' during the 58th BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 19, 2014, recently shared a photo from the set of "Daredevil" showing The Punisher's hideout. Getty

With “Daredevil” one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of 2015, the streaming giant and Marvel have decided to ramp up the character count in Season 2 by adding the Punisher. Now, “The Walking Dead” alum Jon Bernthal is sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of what appears to be the characters hideout, highlighting his propensity for both violence and being way too well-armed.

Bernthal, who Marvel announced would be the fourth actor to bring the iconic Marvel anti-hero to life, has been photographed on set in fight scenes before, but the latest teaser from the set of Season 2 comes from the actor’s personal Twitter account. Apparently, The Punisher (A.K.A. Frank Castle) has quite the collection of firearms at his disposal – not unlike his hyper-violent comic book counterpart.

That’s right, the photo reveals that viewers will get a glimpse into whatever kind of layer, hideout or bat cave that Frank Castle will reside in when he finally crosses paths with Daredevil (Charlie Cox). In addition, it shows that the minds behind the Netflix series plan to keep Frank Castle very similar to the version of the hero that made him so immensely popular with comic book fans - that is, guns, guns and more guns.

For those that aren’t familiar, according to the character’s official Marvel Comic’s bio, Frank Castle is a highly trained and highly decorated soldier, having served in various branches of the military and trained under some of the United States’ most elite divisions. When his family witnessed a mafia-style execution, they were murdered so that they couldn’t testify. The police’s inability to get a conviction on those that were responsible led the character to adapt his military training to become a sort of anti-hero in his own right.

He’s a controversial figure in the Marvel universe because, although he only fights bad guys, he’s not afraid to murder them for their crimes. This has made the character clash with Daredevil for years on the page since, as Season 1 demonstrated, Murdock has a different method of operating. As actress Roasrio Dawson previously said, “Daredevil” doesn’t kill people as punishment for their crimes, opting instead to put his faith in the legal system that he’s so fond of. It’s unclear what relationship the two characters will have in Season 2 of “Daredevil.” However, it’s clear from the wall full of guns that, presumably, belong to The Punisher, it’s doubtful they’ll be getting along too swimmingly as the last thing Daredevil would tolerate in Hell’s Kitchen is someone with a lot of firepower and a shaky set of morals gunning criminals down in the streets.

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