On Friday night, those who tune in to watch the new episode of "Dateline" will get a closer look at the murder of Scott Horn, an ex-FBI agent. Throughout the show, NBC's Josh Mankiewicz will investigate the unusual circumstances surrounding Horn's death on March 16, 2017.

After 23 years, Horn had decided to retire and pursue a quieter life. He had opted to maintain a schedule even after beginning his time off. The "by-the-clock precision" that he had exhibited while working as an agent eventually manifested itself during his retirement in various ways as he continued to get up early and work on his home. This, said his daughter Kelly, was characteristic of her dad.

Even after Kelly moved out of her parents' home, the hands-on dad would still call her each morning to make sure she got up on time. However, on that March day, she didn't receive that phone call from him.

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Horn's body was eventually located in his home. An individual close to the case told the NBC host during the new "Dateline" that his body was found "covered up with a tarp with firewood on top of it." The cause of death is also set to be discussed on the NBC show, as it is said that the ex-FBI agent was shot from behind, which disabled him, and then he was "beaten with firewood."

The full clip can be seen in the tweet below.

When Horn's body was initially found, it was captured on camera due to the fact that the man who found him had been wearing a GoPro at the time. Though this may seem odd, Mankiewicz states that this is "actually one of the less weird things you'll hear about." What he encountered would ultimately "spark an investigation and a mystery that would only deepen over time."

Continuing, Mankiewicz added that everything that unfolded was "linked to the drama that began just hours earlier when a daughter couldn't find her father."

This episode of "Dateline," titled "The House," will air Friday night at 10:00 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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