On Friday, those who tune in to watch NBC's "Dateline" will get a closer look at the kidnapping of Eduardo Garcia Valseca and the impact that it had on those around him.

Eduardo and his wife, Jayne, had once had a passion for fixing up older real estate. After turning that into a business, they began searching for a place to raise a family. Eventually, they stumbled onto a "rundown ranch in foreclosure." Following their find, they settled down, had children, and started their life as a family.

As the kids grew up, Jayne and Eduardo then founded a school on the ranch, as they felt as though they wanted their children to have an education outside of what the public schools in the area could offer. After building it right on their ranch, they recruited other families in the neighborhood to enroll their own children as well.

However, the life they once had changed one morning as they traveled to that school down a lane on their own property in June 2007.

On that day, according to Jayne, a pickup truck came out of nowhere, which prompted Eduardo to say that something wasn't right.

"And then in moments, it was obvious. Jayne and Eduardo were being chased, herded like cattle into a chute with no escape," explains "Dateline" host Keith Morrison.

After slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting into the back of a car that had stopped in front of them, they were then struck from behind. Following their stop, both Jayne and Eduardo were forcefully pulled from their SUV and placed into another that would soon leave the scene.

On Friday night's "Dateline," Morrison will follow the events that unraveled and the ultimate solution, which he calls "truly astonishing."

This episode of "Dateline," titled "The Ranch," will air Friday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT on NBC.
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