The road to “Anthem’s” release has been an interesting path EA and BioWare have traveled. Teased all the way back in 2014 and revealed officially in 2017, the game hasn’t had the easiest debut, but it is finally upon us. And coming on the heels of some mixed early reviews, the details of the day one patch has been revealed to try and alleviate some of the issues brought up.

The patch notes come courtesy of Polygon who offered up a detailed list of all the fixes coming on Friday.

Some of the biggest fixes Bioware is dropping in the patch relates to the load times. One of the common complaints that have come up has been the number of long load times hitting the game. The patch will look to remove the risk of infinite load screens.

There will also be fixes on various issues that may cause crashes in the game or to a server. An example of this has been server crashes at the end of Strongholds, which is a major activity in “Anthem’s” endgame content.

The patch will also include a plethora of in-game fixes and tweaks to improve the quality of life and gameplay in the world’s sandbox space. This includes proper damage output for certain abilities, improving loot drops and availability, damage to enemies, and proper challenge tracking and contract pickups.

The day one patch will help, but it remains to be seen what will happen once “Anthem” has been out in the wild for some time. Will it be able to carve out its own space and survive competition from “Destiny 2” and “The Division 2” or will the Javelin suffer major malfunctions? Only time will tell.