Two mothers filed police reports Tuesday alleging that their children’s eyebrows were waxed by the staff of a daycare facility in Pasco, Washington.

According to a report by NBC Right Now, one of the mothers, Alyssa Salgado, noticed something different with her daughter when she picked her up from the Columbia Basin Community daycare Monday.

“She had a couple tears in her eyes,” said Salgado. The mother also stated she saw a red mark between the eyebrows of her daughter.

Salgado continued, “It looked like somebody waxed her.”

“You're a woman and I'm a woman. We get our stuff waxed, we know what it looks and feels like,” Salgado added.

Then another mother called Salgado saying that the same incident happened with her two-year-old son who went to the same daycare facility. Both mothers decided to call the daycare to complain about the incidents with their respective children but they were shocked to see the way the employees responded.

Glenda Maria Cruz, the mother of the boy, said, “She started laughing in our faces.”

"She said, 'what can I do about it, there's nothing I can do about it,' and I was like, 'well, you guys can have a meeting,’” Cruz added.

Salgado received a similar response. Speaking about the response she got from an employee, she said, “She was like, 'I trust my staff,' and then she giggled.”

“And I was like, 'that's my kid, I love my baby,’” added Salgado.

Both the mothers registered a report Tuesday with the Pasco Police Department. The non-profit daycare facility is licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning. The facility was licensed for less than a year and this was the first time it was getting a complaint.

Cruz stated that she had been taking her son to the facility since he was three-months-old and that an incident like this had never taken place before.

She said, “I actually checked in with some moms that I know and I told them to check your sons and they said nothing.”

“Just my son and her [Salgado] daughter are the only ones,” added Cruz.

The report further stated that the daycare employees were trained professionals who have the basic health and safety training needed to perform their duties. They were also bound by law to report if they were suspicious of any activity involving child abuse or neglect.

The facility is run by the Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties.

The executive director of Boys and Girls Club, Brian Ace, said in a statement Monday, “The Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties is investigating a parent complaint at our childcare center operated for the Pasco School District at Columbia Basin College.”

“In addition, the Washington State Department of Early Learning, the licensing agency for childcare centers, will be doing its own investigation beginning Monday at the childcare center,” Ace said and added, “The Boys & Girls Club takes these allegations seriously and will work to support the investigation process. The Boys & Girls Club is committed to operating safe and supportive programs to serve the youth of our community, and has been recognized for providing quality programs serving youth of all ages."

According to a report by KEPR, a CBS-affiliated television station, Salgado said, "I hope that they figure out who did that do my daughter."

She said she was glad that the complaints were taken seriously. Both mothers have taken their children out of the daycare facility, the report said.