They've been at odds over Theo and the way they each feel about him, and Ciara and Claire's battle will spill over into the traditional hanging of the Horton family ornaments on the Thursday, Dec. 21 episode of "Days of Our Lives.'

Since Ciara (Victoria Konefal) came back to Salem, she has had it in for Claire (Olivia Keegan) over her keeping the truth about Ciara's feelings for Theo (Kyler Pettis) from him months before. Her return on the NBC soap has also been punctuated by both girls, as well as Theo's other loved ones, worrying about him as he remains in a coma following JJ (Casey Moss) accidentally shooting him. In addition, she has suspected that the relationship Claire has with Tripp (Lucas Adams) is far more than innocent, and has sworn to get revenge on the other girl.

Claire has repeatedly tried to convince Ciara that she is only friends with Tripp, is sorry about what she did in the past, and genuinely loves Theo and wants nothing more than for him to wake up and come back to her. However, Ciara hasn't believed a word she's said, and their fight has only continued to grow.

Now, as the Horton family gathers together for the traditional hanging of the ornaments on the Christmas tree which feature each member of the family's names, the festivities will be interrupted by the continuous drama between the two teens. The girls will engage in a catfight, which will put a halt to the gettogether, as their family members work to break up their fight.

However, the festivities could also be interrupted by another drama that has been unfolding in Salem. Abe (James Reynolds) was outraged when JJ was allowed to be reinstated as a cop following the shooting, and his lack of forgiveness has further added to how haunted JJ has felt by the situation. He has written letters to his loved ones saying goodbye, and has plans to go to the town square, the same place where he shot Theo, to end his own life.

When he goes to call his mother, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), she may sense that he's about to do something drastic. And while everyone else focuses on the Ciara and Claire drama, she could quickly race to try and keep her son from committing an act that he can't take back.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.