She was ready to celebrate with the man she loves because she knew he was supposed to finally be coming home from a mission that has kept him away. However, Marlena will find herself in the company of someone else very unexpected instead on the Monday, July 31 episode of “Days Of Our Lives.”

John (Drake Hogestyn) has been out of Salem more lately because of his secret mission for the ISA, as well as his investigation in Greece to find out if Xander (Paul Telfer) killed Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). Understanding as always, Marlena (Deirdre Hall) has been waiting for him to return, and finally knew he would be back long enough for her to be happy again. However, when she thought she heard him come in to their home on the NBC soap, she was sorely mistaken. Instead of John, Hattie (also Hall), her doppelganger, walked through the door.

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Now, Marlena will find herself in trouble, as Hattie hasn’t come to play nicely, and is instead working with Angelica (Morgan Fairchild) to get revenge on all of their enemies in town, as well as win back the affections of the men they have loved. Hattie’s first focus has been on perfectly mimicking Marlena’s style, actions, and manner of speaking, before she took the next step. Now, she will kidnap her target and take her away so she can go forward with the next part of her plan—getting Marlena to seemingly dump John, freeing her up to achieve Hattie’s true goal—revenge on Andre (Thaao Penghlis).

Hattie wound up in prison thanks to Andre, when he told her his name was Alfi, got her to fall in love with him, and then set her up to take the fall when he embezzled money from a company. Hattie was able to get out of jail after Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) own release, when she turned in enough evidence to exonerate Hattie from the crimes she was put away for. However, Andre never faced punishment for his actual crimes, or the crimes he committed against Hattie’s heart, and she now wants revenge. The only way she can get it however, is by administering it through someone Andre would never expect is gunning for him, meaning she has to virtually become Marlena.

Hattie will likely be attempting to get Marlena away from John and attached to Andre as quickly as possible so she can get her revenge, and also help her win over Roman (Josh Taylor). However, she has to make sure Marlena is not just gone, but out of the way completely, meaning the kidnapping can’t just be a simple one.

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In addition to grabbing Marlena and getting her out of her house so she can’t reunite with John, Hattie will also make sure to do something else to ensure that Marlena stays far away. When Marlena finally wakes up and realizes where she is, she will find herself locked away, in a straightjacket, with the knowledge that her loved ones have no idea where she is.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.

Marlena/Hattie on "Days Of Our Lives"
Marlena (Deirdre Evans) was kidnapped on “Days of Our Lives” this week. NBC