Days of Our Lives
Steve (Stephen Nicholls) keeps a secret from Kayla (Mary Beth Evans, not pictured) on the Jan. 10, 2018 episode of "Days of Our Lives."  NBC

He's suddenly feeling dizzy and out of sorts no matter what he does, but Steve will make sure Kayla doesn't know that something's wrong with him on the Wednesday, Jan. 10 episode of "Days Of Our Lives."

Steve (Stephen Nicholls) started noticing some weird symptoms while sitting at the pub on the NBC soap. Paul (Christopher Sean) was present when Steve seemed to have a dizzy spell that caused him to lose his balance. Paul helped him sit back down at his table and got him to drink some water, but Steve shrugged off the moment as having had too much to drink the night before with John (Drake Hogestyn). After assuring Paul he was fine, the younger investigator left. However, after he left, Steve continued having weird symptoms, like staring off into space, and trouble reading a paper in front of him.

Now, he's curious about what is going on with him, and he's worrying about what could be causing the symptoms he has. However, he knows he can't tell Kayla, because his health being bad will only give her more stress, and they've been through so much since their reunion. Not only did Kayla have her own health scares because of the attack from Ava, but they also went through a lot recently because of Tripp (Lucas Adams), as well as their son Joey (James Lastovic) being sent to prison after finally admitting to being the one who killed Ava. The last thing their marriage needs is another struggle.

However, it won't be easy for him to continue keeping the secret, especially as his workload increases. There is a lot of new worry in town since Vivian (Lousie Sorel) returned with her son, Stefan (Tyler Christopher) in tow, taking over DiMera Enterprises. Chad (Billy Flynn) is looking into Stefan to see if he can find something that will remove his alleged brother the company quickly, and he will hire John and Steve to do the digging.

While the work will be good for their agency, having so much on his plate could prove to be a further detriment to Steve, and he may not be able to keep the secret for long.

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.