They have been doing everything they can to try and get more of the serum that will help restore his memories and potentially give him back a true life with his former wife and kids. However, another struggle will be placed in their way after Jennifer lands in danger on the Wednesday, Sept. 18 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

After his divorce from Eve (Kassie DePaiva), Jack (Matthew Ashford) became determined to find more of the serum that could restore memories, and he and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) were both ecstatic when they found Dr. Rolf (William Utay) and got him back to Salem so he could create more of it on the NBC soap. However, tragedy seemed to befall them again when someone went into the lab he was using at the hospital and smashed everything—destroying the next batch he had made as a result. Now, however, that is going to be the least of the former couple’s problems, because someone seems to have it out for Jennifer.

“Jennifer is held against her will,” spoilers reveal.

A preview clip for the week’s episodes (see above) showed Jennifer tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth, and an unidentified person came to attack her with a scalpel as well when she was trying to clean up the mess in the lab. That person seems to have a vendetta against her—and wants to hurt the process she and Jack are involved in. The question is, however, who wants to keep them apart?

The most likely person would be Eve, who previously did everything she could to not only keep Jack from regaining the memories of his past but also make him into a new person who Jennifer and his family couldn’t even recognize. She denied having anything to do with the vandalism in the lab though, meaning she may not be responsible for Jen’s woes either.

Another option could be Dr. Shah (Piter Marek), who Jen continually went on dates with, only to ditch for the other men in her life—first Eric (Greg Vaughan), and then Jack. He also wasn’t happy when he saw the work in the lab—meaning he may be the one who Jack has to rescue her from. Of course, this could also prove to be more effective than any serum when it comes to them getting back everything they need and want for their lives.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.

Days of Our Lives Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) is placed in a dangerous situation on the Sept. 18, 2019 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  Photo: XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC