She learned the baby she had been caring for and loving for a year wasn’t hers and then called off her wedding to the man who was responsible for her new heartache. However, Sarah’s grief over learning her baby was actually dead could lead to her doing something unexpected and shocking on the Wednesday, April 15 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

After Eric (Greg Vaughan) revealed that their daughter Mickey had actually died on Mother’s Day a year ago and Xander (Paul Telfer) switched her with Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen’s (Stacy Haiduk) baby, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) was devastated on the NBC soap. She then went to her wedding with Xander and called it off and confronted him about the lies. Now, she has told him she never wants to see him again and prepared to say goodbye to Mickey/Rachel. However, something Xander said to her while he begged her not to end their relationship could stick with her as she tries to overcome her grief.

“Sarah makes a shocking decision,” spoilers reveal.

While Xander was trying to keep her from ending their relationship, he floated an idea that she wouldn’t have to give up the baby she grew to love because they could leave town with her now and never come back. Sarah immediately shot the idea down because Brady and Kristen went without their little girl for long enough and she didn’t want to go anywhere with him. However, now, she may consider doing it on her own.

Meanwhile, a devastated Xander who knows he has lost the woman he loves for good will be dealing with more drama from her secret getting out as Eric, who has finally been given the chance to grieve his daughter after revealing the truth to everyone else who needs to know, goes to confront him over his deception.

“Eric confronts Xander about the baby switch,” spoilers state.

Should Sarah try to run off with the baby, the men arguing downstairs could give her a chance to be successful.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.

Days of Our Lives
Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) makes a shocking decision on the April 15, 2020 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  XJ Johnson/JPI Studios for NBC