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Indie game studio Motion Twin’s hit game “Dead Cells” is coming to iOS and Android real soon. Those who played the game on the PC and console will get to enjoy the same insane MetroidVania-style action game this time on their smartphones and tablets running on Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems.

Motion Twin has partnered with Playdigious to bring the hit game “Dead Cells” to mobile. Android Police reported that the game was already listed last year on the Google Play Store but was delisted after. While it’s uncertain if the listing was made in error or not, what’s sure now is that the game is coming to the platform soon.

In a press release, Motion Twin said the roguelike metroidvania platformer has been redesigned for iOS and Android, and features a revamped user interface that will allow players to enjoy playing it even without external controllers.

The game studio said that as part of the redesign, the game will have two features: “original” and “auto-hit.” Players will be able to customize button sizes and positions according to their preferences. Additionally, more touch controls options are available to help players enjoy the game’s mobile port.

Those who own external gaming controllers for their iOS or Android devices will be happy to know that the game includes Mfi external controller support. This will allow players to see everything that’s happening on the display, something very important to a game that features “permadeath” -- those who die will have to start again.

Dead Cells” puts players on the shoes of a parasite that takes control of a corpse inside a dungeon. Players will have to make their way through procedurally generated worlds with different environments, fighting against all sorts of enemies inhabiting those areas. Those who fail will need to learn to get better in order to succeed.

“Dead Cells” continues to receive mostly positive reviews on Steam. It combines gameplay and visual elements from “Castlevania: SoTN” and features fast-paced 2D platform action.

Players can purchase the full “Dead Cells” game minus ads and F2P mechanics for €9.99 ($11.19 as of writing). The game will come to iOS this summer and later on Android.

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