• Motion Twin's game "Dead Cells" is now available for Android
  • The game was ported to mobile via a partnership with Playdigious
  • The game was redesigned to work with mobile devices

“Dead Cells,” Motion Twin's hit “RogueVania” game on Steam, is now available for download on the Google Play Store.

Motion Twin's hit game “Dead Cells,” has made its way to Android smartphones and is now available for download via the Play Store. The game has been redesigned to fit mobile screens, allowing users to enjoy the RogueVania title one the go.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells Motion Twin/Playdigious/

Motion Twin first released “Dead Cells” on Steam in 2018. Nearly two years later, the game is now out for mobile players who want to enjoy the same challenging and fun gameplay that players of the original Windows PC, Mac and SteamOS+Linux version have enjoyed. Motion Twin was able to port the game to mobile via a partnership with Playdigious.

Redesigned for mobile

“Dead Cells” was “carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface,” Playdigious noted. Here are some of the changes that players can expect on the mobile port:

  • Two game modes

The mobile version offers two different game modes: “Original” & “Auto-Hit.” The Original game mode plays just like how it is on the Steam version, requiring players to hit enemies at will. The Auto-Hit mode, on the other hand, lets players focus on movement and avoiding attacks. The in-game protagonist will attack enemies automatically.

  • Custom controls & touch controls

The mobile version allows users to change the buttons’ position and size to their liking. Swiping a finger on the screen will allow players to dodge attacks.

  • MFi external controller support

“Dead Cells'” mobile version will also offer support for external controllers. This means users won't have to worry about tapping the right on-screen button or swiping to avoid those deadly enemy attacks. Users can simply connect their handset to a controller and play it like a pro.

  • Pay once to get the full “Dead Cells” experience

Those who want to enjoy the full “Dead Cells” gaming experience on mobile can pay a one-time fee of $10 to enjoy the game. This is definitely cheaper than the game's $25 selling price on Steam, which means players should get it now. Playdigious is selling the game for $9 at the moment, which means those who will buy it now will save $1 more.