A dead shark made an unexpected appearance at a Nantucket pub Thursday morning.

The 5-foot long shark, which was found lying in front of the Sea Dog Brew Pub was spotted by a cleaning crew and removed by the Department of Public Works, the Boston Globe reports.

“That’s some serious restaurant mafia (expletive),” Jimmy Agnew, the manager of the Sea Dog, told the Inquirer and Mirror. “So weird.”

John Braginton-Smith, a foreman for the Department of Public Works thinks it may have been a summer prank.

“In summertime, someone can get one too many beers in them and think that’s amusing,” he said.

Agnew said he was receiving calls all day about the shark. A comedian who regularly performs at the venue joked about it on Facebook, saying the shark was trying to “meet his chums,” the Associated Press reports.

A cleaning crew who arrived at 7 a.m. found the dead shark lying at the pub’s entrance. The restaurant was closed at 3 a.m. the night before, so the shark must have been dumped sometime after that, Agnew said.

Public Works officials said removing the shark was an unusual occurrence. “It’s not too often we find sharks on land like that,” Braginton-Smith told the Boston Globe. The shark’s remains were removed Thursday morning and will be mixed with topsoil, he added.

Police are investigating how the dead shark landed up at the pub’s front door, Agnew said. Two patrons were escorted off the property the night before in separate incidents, and was unsure if they were connected to the dead shark, he said.

“We took a report on it,” Nantucket police Lt. Jerry Adams said. “I don’t know what we’re doing with it yet. It was put down there, I don’t why.”