A snake that was "ready to hit some weights" showed up at a home's gym area, giving the homeowner a scare.

Snake catcher Joshua Castle was called to a home in Bellmere, a town in Australia, on Saturday night after the homeowner found a snake slithering around the residence.

Castle first spotted the red-bellied black snake behind the fridge. It was later captured from the gym area.

"I found the snake behind the fridge inside their house. It quickly moved from there when it saw me. It was later captured near the dumbbell weights," Castle told International Business Times.

The rescue operation took approximately 20 minutes and the snake was released into nearby bushland.

"It took a total of maybe 20 minutes to find, capture, bag, and plus 30 minutes to relocate it," Castle told IBT.

"The property was in a farm-like area, so plenty of snakes are seen around, both venomous and non-venomous," he said, adding, "the homeowner reported he has a carpet python living in his shed."

Castle took to Facebook to post a photo of the snake hiding behind a dumbbell.

He wrote that the homeowner was "unsure as to how long this snake had been inside, he did leave the door open for most of the weekend due to his dog having an ease of access to outside."

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Last month, on the occasion of National Reptile Awareness Day, Castle spoke to IBT about keeping snakes as pets.

"Reptiles can most defiantly be kept as pets, one thing you should note before keeping reptiles is that they don't require a lot of attention nor do they show you any affection, so if you want a reptile to be all cuddly with, it is probably not the pet for you. I personally keep a large number of reptiles, from snakes to lizards to geckos, and even venomous snakes as pets. If you have a passion for reptiles and wildlife, then reptiles defiantly make great pets," he told IBT.

Castle said that among the snake species, spotted and ball pythons make good pets.

Red Bellied Black Snake
A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. GETTY IMAGES