A man in Kenya was bitten by a deadly snake that fell on the roof of his car Monday after untangling itself from an eagle.

The victim, identified as David Musyoka, was in his car when the highly venomous snake entered the vehicle and bit him. Musyoka told local media he was driving when he heard something land on the roof of his car. As he slowed down to check, a snake slipped inside his car.

“I was driving when I heard something land on the roof of my car. Upon slowing down to check, I saw a snake. It got inside the car on the passenger side [sic] and before I could react it had bitten my hand," he told Standard Media. “I got out of the car with the snake still clinging onto my arm and passersby came to my rescue and killed the snake."

After the snake was killed, onlookers were going to set the reptile ablaze. But, the eagle that had dropped the snake earlier, swooped down and flew away with it.

“It was something that I have never seen in my life. Some have said the serpent was sent by the devil but I am well," he said. “I was rushed to Mwingi Level IV Hospital and I was treated and discharged. The snake was a Black Mamba."

Musyoka said he had blurred vision immediately after the snake bit him. “I used the same car I was in and one of the men who helped in killing the snake rushed me to hospital,” he said.

Doctors at the hospital told the local media the 39-year-old victim was bitten on the left arm.

Last month in India, two children died after they were bitten by a deadly snake at their home. The siblings -- an 11-year-old boy and his 3-year-old sister -- were sleeping beside their mother when the incident took place. The boy woke his mother up and complained of severe pain in the leg. When his mother checked, she noticed a fresh wound that looked similar to snakebite. Family members found a viper slithering in the bedroom. The boy was rushed to a hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. The boy’s younger sister, who was at home, also complained of pain and soon fell unconscious. The police then arrived at the scene and declared her dead.

Snake Pixabay