Dean McDermott Tori Spelling
Dean McDermott said he was not a "monster" after cheating on wife Tori Spelling with mistress Emily Goodhand. Reuters

Dean McDermott has been labeled a cheater and his tumultuous marriage has been placed under a microscope after he and wife Tori Spelling decided to have the aftermath of his infidelity filmed for “True Tori.” Now, the “Chopped Canada” host wants people to know he’s not a bad person.

During an interview with “ET Canada,” McDermott, 47, shared his side of the story. “I’ve never opened up to anybody on camera before,” the reality star said. “I’m not a monster, I’m a human being. And I messed up.”

Spelling, 41, was recently hospitalized for bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. During the exclusive interview, he dished about his troubled marriage with the former “90210” star, his infidelity and his struggle with sobriety.

McDermott has a history of cheating. He and Spelling started their relationship after he had been married to his first wife for 12 years. But the reality star’s friend Dan Kibsey told Radar Online McDermott had a rough start and came to his defense.

“His mom was quite ill for many years,” Kibsey said. “She had diabetes and some other issues.” Her various ailments reportedly resulted in an early death. “Her passing hit Dean hard,” he said. “I think it would hit any family member hard! He was still pretty young: 16, 17. That’s tough.”

“What people do, they’re doing things for a reason,” he added. “Whether because of your marriage or other issues that push you to do things.”

One of those things McDermott did was start an affair. In the first episode of the second season of “True Tori,” Spelling decides she wants to see a picture of McDermott’s alleged mistress Emily Goodhand. Though a picture of her is shown on the show, it was blurred so viewers could not get a glimpse of Goodhand.

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