During the Season 2 premiere of “True Tori,” Tori Spelling decided she wanted to know what Dean McDermott’s mistress -- the elusive Emily Goodhand -- looked like. The reality star also worried about potentially being pregnant after her family went on a month-long beach vacation.

"Oh god, I'm devastated," she said after she saw the picture of Goodhand, 28, in an Us Weekly story that broke last year. "Am I a bitch if I say I think she's unattractive?" Spelling questioned. Before she saw Goodhand, Spelling said she pictured her husband’s mistress as looking like "an Amish woman from the 1800s.”

Viewers, however, do not get to see the picture. Lifetime blurred out the Us Weekly photo.

"I was completely blown away by what Emily looked like. I found her unattractive," Spelling told her therapist Dr. Wexler. "Before this, I would never have felt threatened by that girl.' I'd be like, 'My husband would never,' but now all bets are off." Spelling added: “It could be anyone.”

Tori Spelling Tori Spelling was reportedly "quarantined like an Ebola patient," but she has a possible pneumonia. Photo: Reuters

Even though she insulted Goodhand’s appearance several times on the show, Spelling said she didn't blame her for the affair. Spelling later explained that’s because both she and McDermott were married to other people when they began their relationship.

Spelling and McDermott already have four children, and she hints several times in the season premiere that she could be pregnant with their fifth. Spelling didn’t tell her husband about her worries because she was afraid he cheated because he wanted to escape from their life. She thought the possibility of having another child on the way would add more pressure to their relationship.

Toward the end of the episode, she tells the “Chopped Canada” host she might be pregnant. But a long-awaited pregnancy test reveals the couple will not be having another child.

“True Tori” airs on Lifetime every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT.

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