“Death Road to Canada” has received a big update to commemorate its anniversary last month. Learn more below.

Fans of Rocketcat Games’ “Death Road to Canada” would be delighted to know that a big update has been rolled out to the indie RPG. The new update is massive as it comes with new characters, 40 new weapons, new locations and a whole lot more.

New Content

Rocketcat has ensured that the new anniversary update, called DUODENUM Update, will bring in new content that players will surely enjoy. The patch notes for the update even state that there will be 11 new recruitable special characters, four new traders for the Trading Camps and eight new cheevos (two more will be added for America Day/Canada Day).

The new recruitable characters include Pirate Captain, Caveman, Fireproof Pyromaniac, Bee Man, Wood Woman, Giga Guy and Scientist. On the contrary, the new traders are composed of the rare types (Nerd and Chicken) and normal  types (Tools Salesman and Silent Guns Merchant).

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Another addition to look forward to is the inclusion of spooky ghosts that players can kiss. Mind you, these ghosts have real ghosts sounds. The update also comes with new lighting, a new barricading system, flashlights and a soundtrack with twice the number of music, Touch Arcade has learned.


The update also adds new locations to the zombie apocalypse-themed game. All in all, there are nine new location events and some of them that fans should watch out for are the Ghost Mansion, Burning Building, Frozen Forest and the Pig Farm.


This wouldn’t be an exciting update without the addition of weapons, so Rocketcat has included 40 new fighting objects into the mix. The list includes Weed Whacker, Scientific Doodad/Teleporter, Pirate Ship Cannon, Chicken Eggs That Turn Into Chickens, Deployable Friendly Robots, Calvary Sabre, Halberd and Automated Turrets, among many others.

Customizations & Changes

The new update for “Death Road to Canada” also comes with customizations. Players can take advantage of the new heads and hairstyles and use them on random and custom characters. There’s also the inclusion of a new Fireproof trait.

When it comes to very evident changes, players will see that propane tanks can now fly around before they start exploding. Too Swole 2 Control characters have also received a minor upgrade, which allows them to lift refrigerators provided their strength potential has been maxed out. It has also become easier for humans to throw stuff like chairs since the devs modified the codes that previously allowed allies to hit whatever stuff humans are carrying with them. Read the full release notes here

Previous Update

The DUODENUM update comes after another big patch — called the COCCYX Update — that technically arrived with multiple endings, a new unlock system, new characters and events, as well as toilet upgrades, as pointed out by PC Gamer.

“Death Road to Canada” is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Simulator that lets players explore cities and recruit weird people while facing swarms of slow-moving zombies. It was released on Steam on July 22, 2016.