Actor Mads Mikkelsen recently joined Kojima Productions founder Hideo Kojima for the latest episode of “Hideo Tube” — Kojima’s talk show with novelist Kenji Yano. Aside from discussing Mikkelsen’s addition to “Death Stranding,” the actor and the game director may have also spilled some interesting details about the PlayStation 4 title in the course of the interview.

Check out the three hints about the upcoming game Mikkelsen and Kojima subtly mentioned during the episode.

1. Superhuman abilities

In the second teaser trailer for “Death Stranding,” fans saw the introduction of Mikkelsen’s still unnamed character. The clip showed Mikkelsen in soldier uniform, and from the get-go it's clear that he is no ordinary soldier.  This is evident in the scene in which he made his head gear disappear with just one simple gesture of his hand. Not only that, Mikkelsen also appeared to be sporting some strange-looking wires that were connected to a group of dead soldiers his character was controlling the entire time.

Though the trailer already gave away Mikkelsen’s unusual abilities in the game, he has yet to show everything his character is capable of doing. And this is what Kojima teased about. According to the game designer, he wants to show a different side of Mikkelsen to his fans. He noted that even though Mikkelsen’s acting is already fantastic, he still wants to work on and improve the actor’s physical abilities. “I want to focus on his movements — superhuman movements,” Kojima said before jokingly adding that “ballet” could be the perfect discipline to bring out Mikkelsen’s superhuman movements.

2. Cooking?

While discussing about the physical abilities that Mikkelsen could still work on, Kojima blurted out cooking. The genius behind “Death Stranding” even mentioned how he would like to see Mikkelsen doing a trick that involves tossing three eggs to the air. When Kojima pretended to throw the eggs to the air, Mikkelsen gestured as though he was shooting them with his gun. Not a bad idea, isn’t it?

Mikkelsen admitted he’s down with Kojima’s suggestion of including the skill in cooking in the game. In fact, he’s somehow pleased with this idea knowing that he has done this before. “This will not be the first time I cook and kill at the same time,” Mikkelsen told Kojima, referencing what he’s done on his canceled NBC show, “Hannibal.”

3. Moment-driven setting

“Death Stranding” is already known to be an open world action video game, and Mikkelsen can guarantee that it is indeed going to be free roam game that focuses more on the moment rather than the past and the future events. “It’s a very interesting universe. It’s not story-driven in the sense that we go from A to Z, like we do in a film,” he said.

“We can make up the background, but we don’t necessarily have to because it is out of time and space; It is in the moment. So I think the opportunity of doing things we’ve never done before that is not necessarily linked to a psychological base but is linked to the moment, could be very interesting,” Mikkelsen added.

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