Hideo Kojima attended this year’s Tokyo Game Show and gave out more details about “Death Stranding,” his first major video game since leaving Konami. Kojima confirmed that the game will have an open world and will have an online element as well.

Kojima said that he has finally decided on what game engine “Death Stranding” will be built on confirming that production will commence soon. The director also said that his team is planning to bring 4K and HDR support for the game as well. “We want to prove that indie studios can produce AAA world class masterpieces,” Kojima said, according to IGN.

The “Death Stranding” director didn’t give out any details on the game’s actual storyline, but he did say that the title was inspired by whales and dolphins that get stranded on beaches. He further explained by saying that the title of the game is about “something from another world stranded on our world.”

As for gameplay, Kojima confirmed that “Death Stranding” will have an open-world gameplay that would give gamers a lot of freedom to explore. The director also said that the game will come with online co-op gameplay, but didn’t provide specific details about it.

However, Kojima did explain that the online element of the game will simply not be about beating opponents. “Death Stranding” will feature action and battles, but Kojima wants players to link with one another and not just simply fight. “I’m aiming for a new type of action,” Kojima said, according to Kotaku.

Death Stranding cartoon illustration Hideo Kojima showing a cartoon concept art at Tokyo Game Show 2016. Photo: Polygon

Kojima also displayed a cartoon art showing himself, Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro and another collaborator connected by tethers, as reported by Polygon. This is a representation of what Kojima wants to happen when players are connected with one another while playing the game.

“Death Stranding” doesn’t have a release date yet, and it looks like it’s going to take some time before it’s ready. Kojima Productions, the director’s own game studio, now has an office in Los Angeles where Kojima and his team are expected to start full-scale development for the game.