Kojima Productions has recently confirmed that there will be a Very Easy Mode in its first "Death Stranding" game to be released this November. The game mode will allow people who haven’t played video games to enjoy the title as a movie instead of a video game. In the game’s reveals so far, director Hideo Kojima has always emphasized the title’s revolutionary design and concepts.

According to Kojima’s personal assistant in Kojima Productions, the Very Easy Mode is designed for “people who usually don’t play game, movie fans, or RPG fans.” "Death Stranding" is designed to be an action game and is recommended to be played in Normal and Hard mode for experienced players. The full details of this game mode may be seen once the game is released this coming Nov. 8.

The Very Easy Mode could open up a new opportunity to help the game get stellar reviews. "Death Stranding" offers a choice for non-gamers reviewing the game to fully enjoy its contents without worrying about being skilled at the game.

Some games such as Capcom’s "Devil May Cry 5" have had reports of a subpar story and no music when reviews came in. The game’s design required players to do well in battles up to the maximum skill rating. These reviewers apparently slammed the game’s story even though the review copy showed only a portion of the game’s story. This fiasco could potentially be avoided with the Very Easy Mode in "Death Stranding," but this could also have the potential to introduce a whole different problem instead.

"Death Stranding" is a massive collaborative work of the video game and film industry backed by Sony’s funding. The title is set to be a PlayStation exclusive and is led by "Metal Gear" creator Kojima and veteran director Guillermo Del Toro.

Once the game is unveiled in November, fans will get to see the Kojima-Del Toro game known for its bizarre trailers, otherworldly story and celebrity-riddled main cast. Reports about the title often showed the same confusion over how to talk about the new game due to its extremely unusual setting and visuals for an action game.

"Death Stranding" could also be the title to make or break the auteur movement in the video game industry. Potentially, the industry would have one prominent example of a known creator translating their successful work into other series. So far, these auteurs have yet to shake the industry with its releases. "Death Stranding" could be the first or the worst depending on its outcome.

Death Stranding
Players who play "Death Stranding" using the special edition BB-themed DualShock4 controller will hear BB's voice, Hideo Kojima said. Kojima Productions