Dell is making its first OLED monitor, and it costs a pretty penny. The UltraSharp 30, a 30-inch 4K screen with mindblowing specs, is priced at an astonishing $4,999. By comparison, Dell's high resolution UltraSharp 27 5K is priced at less than half that, at just $2,199.

It may come with a hefty price tag, but it's not without reason. For the money, customers get a screen with a 400,000:1 contrast ratio capable of displaying "true black," covering industry-grade color spaces like AdobeRGB. The screen has a lightning-fast response time of 0.1ms. 

In short, this is not a consumer-grade monitor. Dell lists photographers and graphic artists as the target audience, those who depend on the most accurate colors possible in their daily work.

Dell is also joining the USB-C crowd with the UltraSharp 30. Acer and Lenovo both unveiled USB-C monitors earlier this week, and the reversible connector has made a big splash at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. With Dell's offering, compatible systems can connect up for power, video and data transfer through a single cable.

Apple's MacBook famously launched with a single USB-C port on the side, making it ideal for use with monitors like these. Unfortunately, MacBook owners may want to skip the UltraSharp 30: The ultra-light laptop only supports 4K at a maximum refresh rate of 24Hz, significantly slower than the 60Hz speed found on most notebook screens.

Those with pockets deep enough can pick up the UltraSharp 30 from March 31.