• Demi Moore opened up about how the erotic podcast "Dirty Diana" has helped her deal with things that she was not comfortable with in the past
  • "Dirty Diana" is inspired by director Shana Feste's relationship with her husband 
  • “Dirty Diana” episodes are released every Monday and are available on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast platforms

Demi Moore recently opened up about her erotic podcast, “Dirty Diana,” and how she stepped out of her comfort zone during this project.

Moore takes on the role of a woman leading a double life as a corporate executive and the host of “a website that features recordings of real women describing their sexual fantasies” in the upcoming Shana Feste-directed podcast. And in an interview with Variety, Moore talked about what she learned during this stint, explaining that she has explored things that she previously wasn’t comfortable with.

“I realize there’s a part for me that my sexuality has felt like it’s dangerous, and that I should just keep it under wraps. That I should keep it shut down, and it’s better to just not negotiate or take it off the table. This has been an incredible opportunity of opening into areas that I’m not comfortable with,” the actress added.

She also explained that there were times when she just had to push herself when it comes to the roles that are quite similar to her character in “Dirty Diana.” Moore sees grabbing these works as a “safe way of exploring.”

“And in this, I also know that what I’m experiencing in my own discomfort or fear is something that I want to change because it’s there out of a conditioning,” Moore added.

As for her character, Moore commented that she was “worried” about “some really awful things” Diana says on the show as it was very different from how she would normally respond to situations.

“I tend to be overly careful, overly analytical, thinking through, trying to be sensitive. Sometimes you just need to be able to say it. It took on a harsher feeling or tone for me,” she explained.

“Dirty Diana” was inspired by Feste’s marriage, split and reconciliation with husband Brian Kavanaugh-Jones.

By making “Dirty Diana,” the director hopes for women “to have conversations, to be able to see sex as a very normal, healthy part of their life — and one that can be really embraced.” She went on to reveal that she used to be ashamed of this topic that she didn’t want to ask anything about it.

Recently, Moore caused a frenzy on Instagram when she posted a photo of herself recording the erotic podcast while seated on a couch in her bathroom, Entertainment Tonight reported. The actress later talked about the baffling picture during an appearance on the “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

Moore clarified that the furniture isn’t a mainstay in the bathroom and that she did a lot of tests in different nooks in her house to find the perfect place with the best sound. “I had to move all that in because we were doing the podcast and we had to find the place for the best sound,” she said.

New “Dirty Diana” episodes are released every Monday until Aug. 17 and are available on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast platforms.

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