• "Demon's Souls" remake is currently available on PS5
  • Many players want to respec their characters in the game
  • Check out how to lose Souls level in the remake

-The “Demon’s Souls” remake features lots of enhancements and improvements while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics of the original game. There are instances when players want to respec their character to change to a different kind of build. For those wondering how to do it in the remake, these tips and tricks could be useful.

How To Respec Your Character In the Game

Unlike other games, it is not possible to respec and reallocate the player’s character stat points and level in the “Demon’s Souls” remake. The feature is available in “Dark Souls I” and “Dark Souls II,” but it seems that Bluepoint decided not to introduce it in the remake. Interestingly, there is a way for players to de-level their character in the game.

What Is De-Leveling

De-leveling is the process of intentionally lowering the player’s Soul Level to respec into a different kind of build. Others de-level to fix the Stats distribution of their current character in “Demon’s Souls” remake. When de-leveling, the Stat that decreases is the one with the most considerable difference over the beginning stat for that particular character’s Class.

Demon's Souls
A battle in "Demon's Souls" takes place. PlayStation

How To De-Level in “Demon’s Souls” Remake

There are three ways to de-level or lose levels in the game. The most accessible and the easiest is using the Black Eye Stone and getting killed when invading another player. The player loses a level aside from getting sent back to the world.

Another way to de-level in the game is by attacking Mephistopheles at the Nexus. This enemy utilizes the Soulsucker spell that causes the player to lose a level. However, it's worth noting that the requirements to make Mephistopheles appear in the game are a bit toilsome.

A player could also confront Old King Going to lose a level in “Demon’s Souls” remake. This particular villain uses a Soul Drain technique that causes the player to lose a Soul level. The Old King Going is not easily accessible and is most likely the final boss the player would face at the end of the game.

These are not ideal ways to rebuild the player’s character in the game. However, it is a way to go for those who are desperate enough to respec their character.

“Demon’s Souls” remake is exclusively available to PS5 users.