Rodman And Kim
Rodman and Kim Jong-un hugged during the "basketball diplomacy" visit to North Korea in February. Reuters/KCNA

Dennis Rodman had such a good time on his first trip to North Korea that he plans to "hang" with leader Kim Jong-un again this summer.

During a charity gala in Miami Beach Saturday hosted by Lea Black of “The Real Housewives of Miami,” the NBA Hall of Famer announced his plan to return to North Korea, where he visited in February with the Harlem Globetrotters. Rodman’s next trip will be less structured than the last, which was coordinated by culture magazine/ media platform Vice and included a meeting with Kim Jong-un as well as a “mixed-match” exhibition basketball game in the capital Pyongyang. The magazine called the trip a “basketball diplomacy mission” and the trip was recorded for Vice’s new series on HBO, which premiered April 5.

Duringthat visit, Rodman became fast friends with Kim Jong-un. In an interview with Gossip Extra. Rodman said, “I’m going back August 1 ... We have no plans really, as far as what we’re going to do over there, but we’ll just hang and have some fun!”

Rodman also discussed the recent propaganda and rhetoric coming out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, saying Kim Jong-un is just misunderstood: “He [Un] just wants to be loved. He just wants to sit down and talk. That’s all.”

Rodman added that he would like to talk to President Barack Obama beforehand, likely because of the tense relations between the U.S. and North Korea over DPRK's threats of expanding its nuclear program.