Rodman And Kim
Rodman and Kim Jong-un hugged during the "basketball diplomacy" visit to North Korea in February. Reuters/KCNA

Further proof that ex-Chicago Bull Dennis “The Worm” Rodman was far from the greatest choice as an ambassador to Communist North Korea: Rodman may have just inadvertently revealed a closely guarded North Korean state secret.

On Tuesday, Rodman spoke to British tabloid the Sun about his weeklong “diplomatic mission” to North Korea. During his stay, which was sponsored by Vice Media and not the U.S. government, Rodman played basketball with several North Korean teams and Kim Jong-Un himself. And in the recent interview, Rodman may have given away a major North Korean state secret by revealing the Kim Jong-Un is a father.

“[Kim’s wife Ri Sol-ju] kept talking about their beautiful baby daughter,” Rodman stated.

This might not seem like a huge piece of information for Rodman to disclose, but the North Korean regime has been famously quiet about the possible existence of a baby daughter. IBT has speculated about the existence of a baby girl in the past, but no official word has come from North Korea. Bizarrely enough, we have former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman to thank for this new information. You can’t make this stuff up.

Many commentators believe that there is a strong possibility North Korea has kept the rumored child a secret because she may be a girl. Michael Madden, editor of North Korea Leadership Watch, says the isolated nation is extremely male-dominated and that a female first child could be embarrassing for the leader.

“If it was a boy, [the North Koreans] would have made an announcement,” Madden told the Washington Free Beacon.

For the past few months, South Korean news outlets have speculated that Ri was pregnant after she appeared with a noticeable baby bump in October. Months later, Ri seemed to have shed all her extra weight in a New Year’s Day appearance, leading many to believe she had already given birth to the next Communist leader. Others speculate that Ri had labor induced in the interest of North Korean symbolism.

"North Korean authorities may have either induced Ri to go into labor at the end of last year or have her child through caesarean section in order to bear a child in 2012, which marks 100 years since founder Kim Il-sung's birth," one South Korean government source told South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo last month. Kim Il-sung was Kim Jong-un's grandfather.

Accidentally revealed state secrets aside, Rodman had plenty of other questionable things to say about Kim Jong-Un in his interview with the Sun. For instance, despite Kim breaking a decades-old peace treaty with South Korea, all he really wants is peace.

“Listen, you have to remember that he is just a goddamn kid. He’s a cool guy who wears everyday, regular clothes and likes music and sports and stuff,” Rodman told the Sun. “His grandad built all this shit and then his dad built some more shit but he is a normal guy.”

Rodman also stated that in the end, there’s really only one way for Obama and Kim to sort out their differences -- a round of pickup basketball.

“[Kim] loves basketball and so does President Obama, so they have that in common -- and there is even more they could talk about if Obama would just pick up the phone and call him.”