• Major meta changes are expected once the "Witch Queen" expansion goes live
  • Buffs and nerfs to exotics are coming in the big December patch next week
  • Exotic armor can be farmed in Legend and Master Lost Sectors

“Destiny 2’s” Titans have plenty of exotic armor pieces to choose from, but the advent of the “Witch Queen” expansion has made a few options stand out more than others.

There are a lot of changes heading to “Destiny 2” in the upcoming December patch and the new season scheduled for February, and players might see a drastic meta change once these updates arrive.

Here’s a look at what could be the absolute must-have exotic Titan armor pieces in the near future.


With the upcoming nerf to Dunemarchers (which Bungie has yet to reveal), Synthoceps may as well be the top Crucible exotic for Titans. The extended melee range can come in very handy during close-range duels, and it can help with chaining melee kills even after the upcoming nerf to Knockout.

There will still be better exotics that suit specific playstyles, but for anyone looking for a strong neutral game, Synthoceps might be the play.

Cuirass of the Falling Star

Widely regarded as the Titan’s version of the Hunter’s Celestial Nighthawk, the Cuirass of the Falling Star is amazing for PvE DPS and boss damage phases. Players will want to have one of these for the buff to Thundercrash’s impact damage, especially since a new raid is coming up.

Make sure to farm those Legend and Master Lost Sectors for a chance to get one of these chest pieces to drop.

The Code of the Missile tree for Striker Titans allow players to launch themselves at enemies with explosive force
The Code of the Missile tree for Striker Titans allow players to launch themselves at enemies with explosive force Bungie

Path of Burning Steps

The “Witch Queen” meta is bound to get shuffled once the new season starts, which may give Path of Burning Steps a chance to steal the spotlight. The upcoming December patch will buff both the Whisper of the Worm and Sleeper Simulant and bring Gjallarhorn back to the game — all of which can greatly benefit from Burning Steps’ perk.

Bungie hasn’t revealed what next season’s mods are going to be just yet, but in case a Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher meta emerges, Path of Burning Steps might just become mandatory PvE exotic for many Titans out there.

Phoenix Cradle

The Sun Warrior perk’s effects are nothing to be scoffed at, and Phoenix Cradle will make sure everyone in the fireteam can enjoy them. Since the “Witch Queen” will feature mostly the Hive as enemies, it might be a good idea to dust off the old Phoenix Cradle for that extended Sunspot duration, which should offer some extra protection against swarms of melee enemies.


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