• Ager's Scepter is a decent weapon made amazing by its exotic catalyst
  • The catalyst allows the weapon to deal massively increased damage and other effects
  • The gun does surprisingly well in PvP under the right conditions

The Ager’s Scepter is an interesting new addition to “Destiny 2’s” large pool of exotic weapons. This is the first-ever Stasis trace rifle, making it truly one of a kind in “Season of the Lost.”

There’s no shortage of exotic trace rifles in “Destiny 2,” but Ager’s Scepter manages to stand out with its unique damage type and intrinsic perks. Before brushing this weapon off as just another laser beam for farming the Thrallway, players should remember that this weapon can synergize with Stasis subclasses, and its exotic catalyst can be utterly devastating even against raid bosses.

Here’s why “Destiny 2’s” Ager’s Scepter is an amazing gun.

Ager’s Scepter Exotic Catalyst

The catalyst for this trace rifle gives it an alternate fire mode that greatly enhances its DPS. When the catalyst is installed, Ager’s Scepter gains the Will Given Form perk, which allows the weapon to drain Super energy in exchange for a larger magazine, massively increased damage and the ability to freeze enemies in an area after scoring a kill.

The freeze-on-kill effect is great for crowd control, especially against swarms of exploding enemies. However, much of this freeze effect’s value lies behind its synergy with Stasis subclasses.

Ager's Scepter fires a concentrated Stasis beam that can deal even more damage by draining Super energy
Ager's Scepter fires a concentrated Stasis beam that can deal even more damage by draining Super energy Bungie

Stasis aspects that create Stasis Shards upon shattering crystals or enemies can greatly benefit from Ager’s catalyst, as it can provide them with a steady supply of shards that will regenerate ability energy. Shadebinders can use Iceflare Bolts together with Ager’s to continuously spawn seeking missiles, Revenants can spam Shatterdive, and Behemoths can simply slide through frozen targets to shatter them instantly.

A full raiding party with powered Ager’s Scepters standing on a Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn can completely melt bosses.

Ager’s Scepter In The Crucible

Surprisingly, Ager’s Scepter can be very effective in PvP as long as the catalyst is installed. A full-powered Ager’s can kill Guardians extremely fast, even the ones who are using their Supers. However, the weapon’s damage without the catalyst is a little underwhelming and flinching can make aim tracking difficult.

Still, players can wipe an entire enemy team with just the Ager’s Scepter under the right circumstances. It can be powerful in the right hands and situations but other weapons remain more competitive than the Ager’s in PvP.