• Elemental well builds can be used together to quickly recharge grenade energy
  • Titans can use Throwing Hammers to generate elemental wells consistently
  • Exotics are optional for this build but are highly recommended

Despite taking the traditional RPG tank archetype, "Destiny 2's" Titans can be built to deal absurd amounts of damage thanks to a number of unique armor mods, class abilities and exotic gear that are available only to them. With the right combination of these three, Titans can absolutely demolish all sorts of PvE content, even the most difficult ones.

There are plenty of ways to build Titans for maximum damage output. Many "Destiny 2" players go with Charged with Light builds for consistency against bosses, while others go for whatever seasonal mods are available. This build will take full advantage of Well mods to continuously regenerate grenade energy, essentially allowing players to spam grenades as much as possible.

For this build, along with middle-tree Sunbreaker for throwing hammers, "Destiny 2" players will need the following:


  • Well of Ordnance
  • Elemental Ordnance
  • Explosive Wellmaker
  • Melee Wellmaker

Exotics (optional)

  • Path of Burning Steps
  • Hallowfire Heart
  • Ashen Wake
  • Sunshot

Kills with grenades and Throwing Hammer will generate solar wells thanks to Melee Wellmaker, Explosive Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance. In turn, Well of Ordnance will regenerate grenade energy for each solar well picked up.

Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers
Destiny 2 Forsaken introduced the Devastator Titans, equipped with great mauls and throwing hammers Bungie

One solar well can restore a decent chunk of grenade energy once picked up, and this can be improved by stacking multiple copies of Well of Ordnance on armor pieces. Players can also use Innervation or Grenade Kickstart together with 100 Discipline to make grenade cooldowns even shorter.

The exotics listed above are optional but highly recommended. Path of Burning Steps can boost weapon damage dramatically after each kill and pairs well with an Energy weapon with Rampage. Meanwhile, Hallowfire Heart can improve grenade cooldowns even more, further reducing the downtime between throws.

Ashen Wake is a good option for enemies that tend to move erratically like the Fallen and the Taken.

As for weapons, Sunshot synergizes extremely well with this build as the explosions it causes per kill can trigger Explosive Wellmaker, thus making even more wells. Players can spec Elemental Armaments for even more well production. Alternatively, any grenade launcher fill Sunshot’s slot effectively as most of the damage from this build will come from grenades and hammers.

Take note that elemental wells will only recharge the ability that has the lowest energy. Be sure to pick up Throwing Hammers before going for elemental wells, otherwise, the wells will go toward recharging the hammer instead of grenades. The Monte Carlo is a good weapon option for players who find themselves missing or losing their hammers frequently.


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