• "Season of the Lost" added a few new weapons, including Stasis weapons for the kinetic slot
  • Some of the previous seasons' weapons are still very effective in Season 15
  • Fusion rifles are extremely powerful this season because of an artifact mod

There are quite a lot of weapons in “Destiny 2,” but only a few can stand out each season. Players who want the best gear will want to target farm the best weapons if they want to make the grind for endgame content easier.

Here’s a short list of the best weapons in “Destiny 2” this season, including a short overview of each and where to get them.

Any Fusion Rifle

“Season of the Lost” has put fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles in the spotlight with the Particle Deconstruction artifact mod, which greatly buffs these weapons’ damage. Any fusion rifle is great this season because of this mod alone, but honorable mentions go to the Cartesian Coordinate, Threaded Needle and Null Composure.

Threaded Needle, in particular, can deal massive damage, as tested by YouTuber Aztecross against the Templar boss in the Vault of Glass raid. This weapon drops from the Battlegrounds activity.


Vulpecula is a 180 RPM Stasis hand cannon that goes in the kinetic slot. Apart from its excellent handling and overall feel, it’s also one of the only three weapons that can roll the Headstone perk, which spawns Stasis crystals after every precision hit.

This weapon drops from the Astral Alignment and Shattered Realm activities, but players can also get it from umbral engrams with a bit of luck.

Chroma Rush/Death Adder

Both of these weapons fill the same niche. A well-rolled Chroma Rush or Death Adder can be used to mop up large groups of weak enemies while also dealing decent damage to tougher targets.

Chroma Rush is a legendary auto rifle in Destiny 2 that sports a high magazine capacity and fast fire rate Chroma Rush is a legendary auto rifle in Destiny 2 that sports a high magazine capacity and fast fire rate. Photo: Destiny 2

Death Adder can be obtained as a random drop or as a reward from vendors and chests. Meanwhile, Chroma Rush can only be found in Override or from Splicer-focused umbral engrams.


This Vault of Glass raid-exclusive hand cannon is great for both PvE and PvP content because of its stat distribution. It handles extremely well, and its reload speed is decent for a 140 RPM hand cannon. It can roll with Kill Clip, Explosive Rounds and Rewind Rounds, which are all great generalist perks.


This ritual rocket launcher comes with Explosive Light, which increases weapon damage and blast radius after picking up an Orb of Power. Explosive Light pairs extremely well with Charged with Light armor mods since they can bump Ascendancy’s damage even further.

Players can get this weapon by maxing out their Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit ranks.