• Some game activities reward more Glimmer than others
  • Selling activities and completing bounties from Spider are both excellent ways to earn Glimmer quickly
  • Simply playing through the game normally will eventually give players enough Glimmer to play with

Glimmer is the primary currency of “Destiny 2” that’s used in almost everything upgrade-related. Players will need to spend copious amounts of this currency as part of the game’s natural progression ladder, from purchasing exotic items to fully-upgrading weapons and armor.

Players can gain Glimmer from literally any activity in the game, so just naturally playing through “Destiny 2’s” content should give players a healthy wallet in due time. However, for those who want to take their Glimmer farming to the next level, there are ways to speed the process up.

Here are the best ways to farm Glimmer in “Destiny 2” that doesn’t rely on abusing bugs or glitches.

Selling Resources

Right off the bat, the fastest way to earn Glimmer is by selling resources to Spider in the Tangled Shore. Players can trade 10 of a certain resource for 10,000 Glimmer, making this an extremely quick and effortless way to get some emergency funds.

In Destiny 2, Bounties and Resources can be bought from Spider at the Tangled Shore
In Destiny 2, Bounties and Resources can be bought from Spider at the Tangled Shore Destiny 2

However, the trick here is that the resource Spider asks for changes regularly. New players may find this method unreliable if they don't have a good stockpile of planetary materials ready, and even veteran Guardians can find themselves out of resources from time to time.

Bounty Hunting

Players who don’t have any materials to spare can opt to hunt bounty targets from Spider instead. Each bounty rewards thousands of Glimmer, making them a fast and reliable source of income. They’re also easy to do considering how bounty targets are just more resilient versions of patrol-level enemies.

Try to group bounty targets based on their locations to make hunting more efficient. Each bounty will require Ghost Fragments to purchase, however. These can be earned by completing any activity on the Tangled Shore.


While Nightfall strikes aren’t exactly great for farming Glimmer, they are excellent for players who want to farm multiple resources at once. Nightfalls can drop Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Cores and Enhancement Prisms, as well as the usual selection of Nightfall-exclusive gear and exotic items.

Easy Nightfall strikes like the Lake of Shadows and Devil’s Lair are great for farming resources since they can be finished in less than 10 minutes with a good team. Players who do enough of these missions can find themselves swimming in Glimmer, gear and upgrade materials in no time.