• Aspect of Influence will unlock the third class-specific Stasis aspect
  • The quest requires the Salvation's Grip grenade launcher 
  • Entropic Shards must be shot with Salvation's Grip in order to progress the quest

The third aspect for all of the Stasis classes in “Destiny 2” can be acquired by finishing the Aspect of Influence quest. Like the other aspect quests, this will have players complete certain objectives before they can imbue themselves with their new Darkness ability.

Completing this quest is simple enough, but there’s one relatively lengthy prerequisite that players may have skipped over.

Here’s a brief guide on the Aspect of Influence quest for “Destiny 2 Beyond Light.”

Quest Prerequisites

Aside from finishing the prior aspect quests, players must have the Salvation’s Grip exotic grenade launcher. This can be acquired via an exotic quest given by The Drifter at the Tower. The Aspect of Influence quest cannot be finished without this weapon.

Aspect of Influence Quest Steps

After getting the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher, head over to the Exo Stranger in Europa to begin this quest. Afterward, do the following:

  1. Go to the Well of Infinitude in the Asterion Abyss
  2. Investigate the Entropic Shards
  3. Complete a Heroic Exo Challenge
  4. Return to the Ziggurat

Objective markers will guide players to where they need to go throughout the duration of this quest.

Aspect of Influence – Entropic Shards

The investigation portion of this quest will have players investigate the Well of Infinitude area of Europa in search of Entropic Shards. This area is fairly linear, and players will be able to find the Shards as they progress through the Vex-filled halls and corridors.

Entropic Shards appear as small pyramid-like constructs that float in the air. Players must use shoot these objects with the Salvation’s Grip in order to progress the quest. Heavy ammo bricks will be available in areas where the shards are to help players top their weapon off.

Aspect of Influence – Heroic Exo Challenge

These challenges can be initiated by clicking on the Activity Node by the Braytech facility on the western part of the map screen. Heroic versions are easy enough to finish alone, but players should make sure to bring anti-champion mods and weapons.

Lastly, head back to the Ziggurat near the Exo Stranger’s camp to finish the quest and claim the new aspect.