• Normal melee hits now count as powered attacks when Roaring Flames is active
  • Consecration's cooldown can be regained almost instantly through elemental wells
  • The build combines powerful self-healing with high AoE and single-target damage abilities 

With the major buffs given to Titans in hotfix for "Destiny 2," one of the class’ popular builds just got even better.

Previously, if players wanted to spam the new Consecration attack in PvE, they had to sacrifice an exotic slot for Heart of Inmost Light. They also needed to pick between the healing and ability regeneration of Sol Invictus and the flat damage buff of Roaring Flames. Now, players can have everything.

Recommended Loadout

Instead of HotL, this build will use the Loreley Splendor helmet. For those who didn’t know, Loreley Splendor allows players to create Sunspots and gain the benefits of Sol Invictus even without using the aspect itself. Simply pop a barricade or dip into low health and a Sunspot will appear.

Pair this exotic and its Sunspots with regeneration mods like Momentum Transfer, Impact Induction or Utility Kickstart to regain all abilities significantly faster, as if Heart of Inmost Light was equipped.

Melee Wellmaker and Bountiful Wells are highly recommended because of the recent patch, which now allows Titans to generate Solar wells with normal melee attacks as long as they have a stack of Roaring Flames.

Lastly, consider using the Solar Fulmination artifact mod to make the flame wave ignition deal more damage over a wider area.

Any weapon will work with this build, so pick whichever fits the situation the most.

The Loreley Splendor received a significant change in the weeks following its debut
The Loreley Splendor received a significant change in the weeks following its debut Destiny 2

Subclass Setup

The class setup will remain mostly the same as the previous version.

  • Aspects
    • Consecration
    • Roaring Flames
  • Fragments
    • Ember of Searing
    • Ember of Singeing
    • Ember of Empyrean
    • Ember of Torches

Empyrean can be replaced with Eruption, Char or Wonder depending on player preference since Loreley Splendor’s enhanced Restoration effects and the near-permanent availability of barricades reduce the need for Empyrean’s refresh effect.

With all of these combined, players should be able to constantly spam Consecration without sacrificing damage output and survivability. Just make sure to Scorch as many targets as possible and keep a grenade charged in case Roaring Flames’ timer expires.

Weapons that inherently inflict Scorch like Skyburner’s Oath, Prometheus Lens or anything with Incandescent can greatly enhance the usability of this build.