• Rain of Fire affects all fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles
  • Players don't need to use Icarus Dash to create wells on fusion rifle kills
  • The Vex Mythoclast can reach high damage multipliers with this build

With the release of “Season of the Haunted,” Warlocks received an exotic armor piece that most of the “Destiny 2” community brushed aside. After some playtesting, many players discovered that it was actually quite powerful.

With the nerfs to aerial accuracy and fusion rifles in general, this new exotic turned out to be the silver lining that many Warlocks never knew they needed. Here’s one loadout that takes full advantage of this new item.

Weapons and Armor

The armor piece in question is the Rain of Fire, a new exotic for the legs slot that gives players a number of niche bonuses. It grants all fusion rifles improved airborne accuracy, and it lets Icarus Dash reload all equipped weapons. Additionally, all fusion rifle final blows will make the user Radiant.

Rain of Fire is best used with the Heat Rises and Icarus Dash combo. This grants extremely high Airborne Effectiveness to fusion rifles while also providing players a constant damage buff via Radiant on-kill.

This exotic armor piece also pairs extremely well with the Vex Mythoclast. This weapon not only has infinite ammo, but it also functions as a high-impact auto rifle and linear fusion rifle. It’s great for dealing with trash mobs and elites alike.

Use Font of Might, wellmaker mods like Flame Harvesting and High-Energy Fire to boost the Mythoclast’s damage back to the Particle Deconstruction era.

The Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2
The Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2 Bungie

Subclass Setup

As mentioned, use Heat Rises and Icarus Dash for maximum efficiency. The former will also grant extra melee energy whenever enemies are defeated while in mid-air, which can easily tie into an Incinerator Snap build with Melee Wellmaker.

Use Firebolt Grenade to activate Heat Rises more frequently or the newly-buffed Healing Grenades for survivability.

For aspects, use the following:

  • Ember of Empyrean
  • Ember of Solace
  • Ember of Ashes
  • Ember of Searing

Empyrean and Solace will help keep the Radiant buff active. Meanwhile, Ashes and Searing will improve the number of Scorch stacks applied by abilities and increase grenade recharge, respectively.

Take note that as of the hotfix, Celestial Fire will now apply up to 45 Scorch stacks if all projectiles hit. This makes it a viable source of Scorch, especially when players are constantly scoring kills while airborne.