• Spoils of Conquest can only be obtained from raids
  • The Vault of Glass raid allows for unlimited Spoils of Conquest farming
  • Killing the Templar in the Vault of Glass is the quickest way to earn Spoils

Players may have noticed that some items in the exotic weapons kiosk at the Tower require Spoils of Conquest to purchase. This currency is a little elusive, especially to new lights or strictly-solo players, since Spoils don’t just drop from any of the game’s many activities.

In fact, Spoils of Conquest can only be obtained by completing encounters from any of the available raids in the game. This may sound like a tall order for some, but it’s rather straightforward so long as players have a good raid group assembled.

Purchasing raid weapons like Anarchy or Tarrabah from the kiosk will take some time, but with this guide, players will be able to get their weapon of choice in no time. Here’s how to farm Spoils of Conquest in “Destiny 2” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Spoils Of Conquest Drop Rates

As mentioned, any raid encounter will reward players with Spoils, but the Vault of Glass under the Legend playlist in the Director menu is arguably the best place to farm for this currency.

Each Vault of Glass encounter will reward players with five Spoils of Conquest, unlike the other raids that only reward three per encounter. Additionally, Vault of Glass encounters can be repeated for additional Spoils, which is something that cannot be done in other raids.

Completing the entire VoG raid will reward players with 25 Spoils of Conquest plus an extra 20 if they open every hidden chest along the way.

How To Farm Spoils Of Conquest

The fastest and easiest way to farm for Spoils of Conquest is by repeating the Templar encounter in the Vault of Glass. This boss can be killed within minutes provided the raid team has enough firepower and a good Relic holder.

Have one player save Templar checkpoints, then repeat the encounter as much as possible until the desired amount of Spoils of Conquest is obtained. Make sure to have fusion rifles and Focusing Lens equipped and ask someone in the fireteam to use Particle Deconstruction to maximize damage against the boss. There is no limit to how many times this can be done per week.

Players who want to purchase additional Vault of Glass loot can finish the raid and use the farmed Spoils to buy extra loot chests after defeating Atheon.

A new dungeon will be coming to Destiny 2 in the upcoming December patch
A new dungeon will be coming to Destiny 2 in the upcoming December patch Bungie

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