• The Loreley Splendor helmet uses class ability energy to generate Sunspots
  • Sunspots also appear when Barricade is used
  • This helmet allows for on-demand healing and damage buffs

The new exotic helmet for Titans was hit by a big nerf upon the release of “Destiny 2: The Witch Queen,” yet it somehow came back stronger and angrier than ever.

The Loreley Splendor is one of the new exotics introduced in the latest expansion, and it gave many Sunbreaker Titan mains a brand new way to play the subclass. Essentially, the helmet gave Sunspots the ability to heal the wearer on top of providing a 20% damage boost. As a cherry on top, Sunspots were automatically created once the wearer dipped into red health.

This was eventually deemed too powerful, but instead of hitting Sunspots, Bungie decided to tie the Loreley Splendor’s Sunspot generation to the Titan Barricade ability. Now, players won’t be able to spew Sunspots if they don’t have full class ability energy.

However, this also came with the frightening ability to deploy Sunspots on-demand. Upon using their Barricade ability, Titans wearing the Loreley Splendor will also cause a Sunspot to appear on top of them.

The Loreley Splendor received a significant change in the weeks following its debut
The Loreley Splendor received a significant change in the weeks following its debut Destiny 2

Titan mains have debated whether or not this change was good or not. The Loreley Splendor’s automatic Sunspot generation meant players had less control over their class ability, although many other players considered this change to be fair and balanced.

To put things in perspective, a Sunspot buffs weapon damage by 20%. This is enough to push certain weapons straight into the one-hit-kill territory.

When buffed by a Sunspot, weapons like Eriana’s Vow and Le Monarque can down Guardians in the Crucible with just one headshot. Meanwhile, high-impact sniper rifles like the new Silicon Neuroma will be able to kill players with a body shot if their Resilience is low enough.

With 100 Resilience, Barricade’s cooldown drops to about 16 seconds, which is more than enough to guarantee that the ability is up for almost every gunfight. Top this off with an on-demand Sunspot and players have a recipe of destruction that can completely change how Sunbreaker is played.

The Loreley Splendor essentially trades off the defensive utility of Barricade for a powerful offensive buff. While this won’t exactly break the PvP meta because of Sun Warrior’s short duration, it’s still strong enough to elevate those who are willing to change how they approach the Crucible.