• Weapons will have different traits according to their weapon manufacturer
  • Activities will reward players with weapons equipped with Origin Traits
  • General weapon tweaks and balance changes are coming soon 

An array of weapon changes is coming to “Destiny 2” soon that could transform how the game is played in terms of loot acquisition, meta picks and more.

Bungie’s latest TWAB listed the upcoming changes in great detail, from the new (and removed) perks to returning weapons and the fine-tuning of certain weapon archetypes. The changes are rather long, so here’s a condensed version of the weapon overhauls for an easier read.

Origin Traits

Weapons will begin dropping with extra Origin Traits in the third perk column, and the effects of these traits will depend on which activity players acquire the weapon from. For example, a weapon that dropped during a Nightfall strike may come with a perk that can only be obtained from the activity.

Perks include:

  • Vanguard’s Vindication (Vanguard strikes): Final blows grant a small amount of HP
  • One Quiet Moment (Crucible): Increases reload speed while out of combat
  • Alacrity (Trials of Osiris): Gain increased reload, stability, range and aim assist when all other fireteam members are down

Weapon Foundries

All weapons will now have extra traits based on their manufacturer, similar to the guns in the “Borderlands” series.

  • Hakke: Increased damage against vehicles, barricades, turrets and Stasis crystals
  • Suros: Reloading increases handling and flinch resistance for a short duration
  • Omolon: Stability and weapon speed while in the top half of the magazine are increased
  • Veist: Dealing damage has a chance to partially refill the magazine
Some old weapons are getting reissued in the 16th season of Destiny 2
Some old weapons are getting reissued in the 16th season of Destiny 2 Bungie

The changes should make weapons feel more distinct while offering unique bonuses that won’t interfere with existing playstyles.

Balance Changes

There are plenty of new changes coming to existing weapon archetypes, from their base numbers to how perks interact with them. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Rocket launcher damage values changed based on weapon frame
  • High-impact fusion rifle damage increased
  • Pulse rifle damage against minors increased
  • Sniper rifle aim assist rebalanced (more AA on low zoom, less AA on high zoom)
  • Exotic weapons that use Primary Ammo deal 40% increased damage against minors
  • Minor buffs to Waking Vigil, Dire Promise, Jack-Queen-King and Spare Rations
  • Nerfs to Chaperone, Duality and Felwinter’s Lie
  • Adagio duration and damage buffed; buffs range when active
  • Tap the Trigger nerfed for fusion rifles only
  • Eager Edge lunge distanced reduced