• The Templar can be defeated in a single damage phase provided the boss does not teleport
  • Particle Deconstruction and Focusing Lens can increase DPS output tremendously
  • Fusion rifles offer the best DPS for this season of "Destiny 2"

The Templar is the first of the two boss fights in “Destiny 2’s” Vault of Glass, and much like any other raid in the MMO genre, players will need to work together if they want to beat this encounter.

Despite having tons of health, a wipe mechanic and plenty of smaller enemies skittering all over the area, the Templar is actually very easy to beat, given that the entire raiding party knows what to do. “Destiny 2” players can kill this boss in a single damage phase with the proper setup and strategy, which makes this encounter perfect for farming Spoils of Conquest.

Here’s how to beat the Templar in the Vault of Glass as quickly and easily as possible in “Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.”

Templar Boss Mechanics

One player must first pick up the Relic found in the middle of the room. The Relic Holder has two jobs: break the Templar’s shield and prevent it from teleporting away.

This boss fight makes use of the Oracle mechanic from the previous raid encounter. Oracles will spawn on preset locations around the map and players must destroy them in the correct order, or else the entire team will wipe. It’s best to use whatever strategy the team used in the previous encounter to deal with this initial phase.

Season of the Lost will serve as a prequel to the upcoming Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 Season of the Lost will serve as a prequel to the upcoming Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 Photo: Bungie

Once the Oracles are destroyed, the Relic Holder must break the Templar’s shield by casting their Super on it. This will begin the damage phase.

Five members of the fireteam will be responsible for damaging the Templar. Meanwhile, the Relic Holder needs to keep an eye out for spots marked by a ring and a beacon of light. Stand on these spots with the Relic equipped to extend the damage phase and prevent the Templar from teleporting.

Keep in mind that preventing the Templar from escaping will spawn additional enemies, so try to kill the boss as quickly as possible so as not to get overwhelmed.

Recommended Loadouts and Setups

Season 15’s Particle Deconstruction and Focusing Lens mods are must-haves for raid boss fights.

Having Focusing Lens on every fireteam member is ideal but not necessary. However, make sure to at least have one teammate use Particle Deconstruction to greatly boost fusion rifle damage against marked targets.

Have a Revenant use Silence and Squall on the boss, then use Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn to infuse weapons with light and allow them to trigger Focusing Lens.

Six Cartesian Coordinates with Vorpal Weapon and Boss Spec can burn the Templar down fairly quickly. Linear fusion rifles like One Thousand Voices, Sleeper Simulant and Threaded Needle are also great options.