• The Guardian Games is a friendly contest between "Destiny 2's" three Guardian classes
  • This year's contest will feature a new set of armor ornaments and a new legendary SMG
  • The Heir Apparent may make another appearance this year as an exotic reward

A recent leak has given players a preview of the possible new gear coming to “Destiny 2” in the next few weeks for the annual Guardian Games.

This year, players will reportedly have access to new Guardian Games-specific ornaments, a legendary SMG, an exotic ship and more, as per a tweet from Destiny Bulletin.

The armor for the 2022 Guardian Games appears to be foundry-related. Each class will be “sponsored” by a weapons foundry from the in-game lore; Warlocks will be tied to Suros, Titans will represent Hakke and Hunters will boast the colors of Omolon.

While themed armor sets are not exactly new to “Destiny,” this will be the first time the weapon foundries will be represented as armor skins instead of just shader options.

The Heir Apparent is an exotic machine gun that can be obtained from the Guardian Games
The Heir Apparent is an exotic machine gun that can be obtained from the Guardian Games Bungie

Meanwhile, the new legendary SMG is reportedly called “The Title.” Based on the leaked inventory photo and Guardian Games banner art, The Title will be based on the old Atalanta-D’s model, one of the few weapons in the game with a suppressor. But it serves no real function outside of aesthetic appeal.

The Guardian Games is a yearly contest held in the Tower to determine which one of the three main classes is the best. The event will give players the chance to represent their favorite Guardian class and win a commemorative class statue to be displayed on the Tower for the rest of the year.

Those who want to participate in the Guardian Games should wear their respective class items while playing through their usual in-game activities. This will reward them points for their class and Medals or Laurels.

Laurels are dropped by other players or awarded directly to one’s inventory after a Crucible or Gambit match. Meanwhile, Medals are obtained by completing Triumphs, Contender Cards and activity completions.

The NPC Eva Levante will also return to the Tower. Guardians will be able to purchase bounties and rewards for her in exchange for Laurels. Such items include exotic ghost shells, legendary gear and the elusive Heir Apparent exotic machine gun, though the latter’s presence has yet to be confirmed for this year.