• Adept Trials weapons will continue to drop in regular games for flawless ticket holders
  • One-Two Punch and Worm God's Caress were nerfed
  • Players can now select Neutral Elements when completing Deepsight Resonance

Bungie dropped a fairly substantial patch for “Destiny 2” this week — one that features a number of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

Here are some important highlights that all players should know as they grind out the remaining weeks of “Season of the Risen.”

Trials of Osiris Adept Weapon Drops

A week ago, Bungie acknowledged a bug that caused Adept Trials of Osiris weapons to drop for non-flawless players who bought a Passage of Confidence ticket from Saint-14. It turns out, this “bug” was a prelude to Patch 4.0.1’s latest Trials change.

The Summoner Auto Rifle in Destiny 2
The Summoner Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Bungie

As of this patch version, flawless players will have a chance to receive Adept weapon drops for each win they have on any ticket that has seven wins or more while the flawless pool is active. Players are free to farm Adept weapons on any seven-win ticket regardless of loss count.

Weapon Crafting

Bungie is preparing for the small crafting rework scheduled for Season 17 by adding a Neutral Element option to completed Deepsight Resonance weapons. This will allow players to choose Neutral Element as their reward instead of anything else, as all other elements will be removed once the new season begins.

Additionally, changes were made to Enhanced Field Prep and Enhanced Chain Reaction to make them more viable for other weapon archetypes, though the details weren’t specified.

Worm God’s Caress and One-Two Punch

The infamous Worm God’s Caress and One-Two Punch shotgun combo is getting nerfed yet again to prevent the trivialization of certain raid encounters. Scalar values for both the exotic and the perk have been reduced, which should prevent Titans from killing raid bosses too quickly.

Titans are notorious for finding absurd boss-melting strategies, which is why Bungie will continue to monitor the community for the next possible damage exploit that players might uncover in the following weeks.

Other fixes and changes

  • Aim assist now works when shooting down Axion Bolts
  • Osmiomancy Gloves no longer cause grenade energy to disappear after dying
  • Eyes of Tomorrow no longer tracks and kills its wielder
  • Elemental Siphon mods no longer cost Glimmer

“Season of the Risen” ends on May 24.