• Solstice 2022 introduces a new way to farm for armor
  • Armor pieces can be rerolled by spending event materials
  • Upgraded armor pieces have better chances of getting good stats when rerolled

The Solstice event for “Destiny 2” is now live, and it’s offering players a new way to earn perfectly rolled armor pieces.

Like in previous years, Solstice 2022 will see the return of the European Aerial Zone as well as old and new themed armor. This year’s Solstice also comes with the first-ever implementation of the Event Card system, which is set to change how future events are played.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and what to do in Solstice 2022 for “Destiny 2.”

Armor and Upgrades

Armor farming is the main appeal of this event – both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. A full set of the new Candescent set is given to all players for free at the start of the event, and everyone will have the opportunity to earn more rolls of each piece as they play through the new activity: Bonfire Bash.

The Candescent Helm for Titans in Destiny 2
The Candescent Helm for Titans in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Each armor piece comes with two additional slots that are meant for Kindling and Embers. Both are used to change the stats on an armor piece. Using Embers will reroll the stats, while Kindling will allow for higher max stat rolls every time Embers are used. Upgrade armor pieces enough and they will eventually glow.

To get these, players need to play the new activity and complete challenges from the Event Card.

Bonfire Bash – EAZ

This activity is fairly straightforward. Players will visit the European Aerial Zone once again to build and defend a large bonfire from incoming waves of enemies.

Combatants will spawn all over the area, and Guardians will have to collect Igniters in order to make the bonfire bigger. Bonfire Bash is a timed activity, so players will have to wait until the timer expires before they can fight the final boss.

Completing the activity will drop Solstice gear, including the Something New hand cannon and Compass Rose shotgun. This will also convert any Silver Leaves players have in their inventory into Silver Ash, which is used to re-roll armor as Embers.

Keep in mind that Silver Leaves do not drop in Bonfire Bash. Players will have to do other activities if they want to get these materials.