Destiny 2 - Warlock
Destiny 2 - Warlock Bungie


  • Bungie plans to add a transmog system to "Destiny 2"
  • Players will have to farm enemies and in-game activities before they can transmog armor
  • The new transmog system will have free and premium options

Armor transmogrification is a highly requested feature in “Destiny 2.” but now that it’s finally being added to the game, fans can’t help but feel a bit disappointed with how the system works.

Transmogrification essentially allows players to replace the look of their armor with that of other armor pieces that they have already unlocked. It’s a common feature that can be found in other loot-based RPGs, yet it’s strangely absent from “Destiny 2” despite the game’s massive armory of impressive-looking equipment.

“Destiny 2’s” transmog system is dubbed Armor Synthesis, according to Bungie’s weekly TWAB blog, and it will do exactly what players expect it to do. However, players will have to grind for materials before they can start dressing up.

Armor Synthesis will require three new materials: Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave.

Synthstrand is the most basic of the three, and they are earned by defeating enemies. Players will have to spend 150 of these to get a class-specific bounty from Ada-1 at the tower. The bounties will then reward Synthcords.

Destiny 2's Guardian Games pits players from each of the three classes against each other in competitive sports
Destiny 2's Guardian Games pits players from each of the three classes against each other in competitive combat sports Bungie

These Synthcords can be converted into Synthweave at the Loom in the tower, which can then be converted into a Universal Armor Ornament that will finally let players modify their armor.

This transmog system requires a lot more work compared to the ones in other games like “Diablo 3,” which only required players to pay a small fee of in-game gold to change their appearance. To make things worse, Players can only obtain 10 Universal Armor Ornaments per season on a per-class basis, which roughly translates to roughly two sets of armor per class every three months.

The time-gate limitation can be bypassed by spending real money on the Eververse store, which might infuriate some players, but it’s an understandable move considering “Destiny 2” is now free-to-play.

To add to the limitations, players can only transmog Legendary equipment and below. Furthermore, some Year-1 armors won’t be compatible with the new system due to technical constraints. These include the Vanguard, Crucible, Iron Banner, Faction Rally, Prestige Raid and Trials of the Nine armor sets.

Bungie states that they will implement a solution for these technical constraints on a future season.