• The new Activity Cards systems allow “Destiny 2” players to quickly access game locations as soon as they select a character
  • This new feature is only available for PS5 players
  • The system may see some expanded functionality in the future, as well as implementation for other gaming platforms

In a recent update to “Destiny 2,” Bungie added a small yet very convenient feature that is unfortunately exclusive to PlayStation 5 players.

The new feature in question is the new Activity Cards that “Destiny 2” players can select from the title screen when first booting up the game. Interacting with the cards will send players to the character select screen, and after selecting their preferred Guardian, they’ll immediately load into whichever area their selected Activity Card represented.

As of now, the Activity Cards simply serve as a quick-launch option. The patch notes for this update include these Activity Cards under the “Platforms and Systems” section. This new feature may see some extended functionality in the future, Comicbook noted.

A squad of Guardians fighting back the Cabal in Destiny 2
A squad of Guardians fighting back the Cabal in Destiny 2. Bungie

“Destiny 2” players on the PS5 expressed their approval of this new feature on the r/DestinyTheGame subreddit, with some gamers wishing for additional features for the new system such as quick access to the game’s core playlists.

The Activity Card system is a minor new addition, but its exclusivity to the PS5 is questionable. Whether or not this feature will be implemented in the base PlayStation 4 or in the PC version of “Destiny 2” is unknown, but the Activity Cards themselves aren’t really that big of a feature to worry about.

The new update mostly features bug fixes and clarifications regarding skill icons, effect descriptions and general quality of life changes. Some of the more notable fixes are the changes to the Tribute Chest slam animations that lock players in place to prevent accidental deaths and a fix for the Linear Actuators perk for the Dunemarchers.

The game has gone through a turbulent phase since Bungie cut ties with Activision Blizzard, but the developers have kept a close eye on community feedback and adjusted “Destiny 2” accordingly. The recent cancellation of content sunsetting, which was initially implemented to shake-up the game’s meta via drastic weapon balancing, is one such instance of the developers listening to community feedback.

It’s still quite sometime before “The Witch Queen” expansion is released, which means Bungie will have more than enough time to address the game’s more pressing bugs and other issues before their next big content drop.