Destiny The Taken King Pre-Order
Pre-order bonuses for "Destiny: The Taken King"

With a day to go before the newest expansion for "Destiny," The Taken King, takes center stage to change the way Bungie's shooter title is played. Since the release of “Destiny” 2.0 update, however, some fans and the developer have spotted a couple of bugs.

Detailed over at Bungie’s latest blog update for “Destiny,” the developer has listed quite a number of bugs that have been tracked via the Destiny Player Support. Some of the bugs have been experienced by some players, so it is best that “Destiny” fans are aware of what they are.

Players should not be worried about missing Exotic Guardian Class items as Bungie confirmed that these will be re-issued once The Taken King launches. In addition, while some players can already access some weapons pack, the SUROS Arsenal Pack and even the Exotic Guardian Class items pre-launch, all of these will be made officially available to all come Sept. 15.

For “Destiny” players, who have been accessing the Patrols and Vanguard Legacy Strike Playlist activities, some rewards may not be rolled out after completing them. The issue will supposedly be resolved in The Taken King launch. However, any reputation and rewards that will be received prior to Sept. 15 will not be retroactively granted, so best to keep off of them.

However, those who have attained level 25 or higher, will get access to the Faction Quest once The Taken King is released. For now, completion of this activity will not turn the Quest into the issuing Faction.

Previously, there has been a report of a fan who was able to get a free 32GB drive from Activision. Bungie has also announced recently that players on the PS3 and Xbox 360 who have not yet upgraded their hard drives for the update. As such, there are some who may qualify for free storage update, one that the developer advises fans to see first if they are eligible before purchasing additional storage or hard drives for the update.

PS4 players can also look forward to exclusive content for “Destiny’ The Taken King. The company revealed via the PlayStation Blog a new video showing off the perks and exclusive content that come with for playing the game on Sony’s latest-gen console.

Seen below, the video shows glimpses of the co-op Strike Echo Chamber, the competitive multiplayer map titled Sector 618 and some gears for Guardians. There is the Legendary Gear Hesperos, Azoth Bend and Neuroghast. Players will also be handed the Exotic Scout Rifle Jade Rabbit.

“Destiny” The Taken King is all set and ready to launch on Sept. 15 on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. This update will bring a lot of changes, particularly in how the game is played in celebration of the Year Two debut of “Destiny.”

"Destiny" The Taken King PS4 exclusives (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)