"Destiny's" beta will close today for maintenance. Courtesy/Bungie

Bungie’s “Destiny” beta will shut down temporarily Monday for maintenance, according to a post on the developer’s forum.

"Guardians, you have one day to enjoy the Destiny Beta on your PlayStation," said Bellevue, Washington-based Bungie community manager David Dague on the company's forums. "Early Monday morning (Pacific Time), we'll shut down services for a planned maintenance window that will help us prepare for the main event."

Dague also provided some details about the beta’s coming schedule:

Monday, July 21st: Closed for Maintenance

Tuesday, July 22nd: Closed for Maintenance

Wednesday, July 23rd: Destiny Beta begins on Xbox, and resumes on PlayStation

Saturday, July 26th: Special rewards and surprises at 2PM

“Stay tuned for updates and additional news on limited time engagements like Iron Banner competition,” he added. “Phase Two of the ‘Destiny’ Beta will have moments you won't want to miss.”

The PS4 beta opened July 17 and will close July 28. For the Xbox One, the beta will run from Wednesday to July 28.

The “Destiny” alpha ran June 12-16 -- and Bungie reported more than 6 million games were played during the test.

“Putting our Alpha out there lit a new kind of fire here at Bungie. It feels like we’ve been reborn. Putting alpha code out in the wild is always a risk; that build is ancient by our standards, riddled with content and bugs we’d never allow through to ship,” Bungie said on its blog June 20. “In many cases, the really rough and jagged edges had been hammered smooth long ago, making it all the more difficult to see them discovered, but in just as many others, there’s still work to do, and the only way to get it done is to let you touch down in our world to tear the place wide open.”

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