The new "Destiny" PS4 limited-edition bundle will be available Sept. 15. PlayStation/Sony (via PlayStation Blog)

Despite Bungie stating that Bungie Day is not for reveals, the developer did give some bonus insights on the upcoming "Destiny" expansion, “The Taken King.” This came in the form of a roundtable discussion episode of Conversations With Creators among the developers and TV personality Wil Wheaton.

According to the video, as seen below, Bungie will be expanding the universe with "The Taken King." In addition, Bungie already is starting on the second year of “Destiny,” with the focus on fan feedback.

Bungie said the expansion is the start of exploring the universe, as it already presents the solar system as having a lot of places and options for the Guardians to go to. Dreadnaught, a new destination in “Destiny,” also has been teased as a place that Guardians can go to for loot. More than the treasures, the secrets of the destination alone make it worth the trip.

Apart from the hints of what’s to come, Bungie explained in the most recent blog update the features that will come with the latest expansion. Oryx has been confirmed as the bad guy, but he will attack with a Taken army in a barrage of new story missions and side quests that shed light on the whole story.

There also will be new characters with a new storyline, all of which will be emphasized by cutscenes. A lot of new things will be coming including the much talked-about subclasses, co-op Strikes, Boss battles and Crucible maps. Some areas and aspects of “Destiny” also will be redesigned, including weapons and gear as well as Strikes, which take into account the new characters, the Taken army.

Sony also announced the limited-edition PS4 bundle for “Destiny: The Taken King." The bundle comes with a white 500GB PS4 with “Destiny” map of the cosmos and the crest of the Guardians on the console. It also will include “Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition,” but players have the option of upgrading to the digital collector’s edition to get the extra content featuring three of each of the following: exotic Guardian class items with XP bonuses, shaders and class-specific emotes, and early access to the weapons pack.

With the limited-edition “Destiny” console, players also will have access to the PlayStation-exclusive content, maps and weapons. The new bundle will be out Sept. 15, the same day as the latest expansion for “Destiny.”

Conversations with Creators featuring Bungie (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)