The much-anticipated expansion for “Destiny” from Bungie is finally out, and it is teeming with new activities and features. These include the co-op arena Prison of Elders, the co-op multiplayer event Trials of Osiris featuring 3v3 elimination, loot and customization options, level increase to 34, a new social space set in the Reef and new story missions and quests.

Even though the expansion is now in the hands of the players, this does not mean the developer's work is done. Bungie revealed in a press release that the team is on the lookout once more for feedback from players. In the same way that the developers have continually supported “Destiny” with 17 updates since its launch, the same will be done for the House of Wolves expansion.

“We’ve engineered a new upgrade path for your existing Exotic and Legendary gear, and we’re revamping our PvP system with a new rewards system and new PvP event called Trials of Osiris. We’re excited to see the response,” said Bungie Chief Operating Officer Pete Parsons in a press release sent to International Business Times.

The release of the expansion also brings back the daily and weekly activities, which were temporarily suspended to make way for the House of Wolves. Those activities are now back, with the details already available for players.

According to Gamingbolt, the Nightfall Strike will feature the Shadow Thief, which was introduced with the new DLC. Players will need to play on Venus and battle against Taniks the Scarred. Modifiers for the Nightfall include Epic, Nightfall, Juggler, Arc Burn and Brawler. For the Heroic, players will go to Winters Run and face Archon Priest. Modifiers for this are Heroic and Juggler.

The House of Wolves expansion is certainly one of the better offerings for “Destiny.” While a lot of people were not satisfied with the Dark Below, fans are now more positive and happy with what the expansion offers.

Compared to the first expansion, the developer offers more options to players this time. Polygon reports that new areas, modes and gear equipment were introduced. A new progressive system of upgrading has also been laid out to make the game more interesting.

There are also new secrets to be discovered and a lot of loot to be found in the new expansion. This can reportedly be accessed once players get their hands on Treasure Keys in the Prison of Elders. The video below demonstrates just what this treasure is. However, according to Bungie, Treasure Keys are not guaranteed in Prison of Elders. As far as other ways to get the keys, Bungie teases that it is for the players to find, which could mean that there may be unorthodox ways to do so.

Treasure Keys in the Prison of Elders (Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)