Devious Maids season 2 spoilers
What will happen in episode 4 of "Devious Maids"? Get the scoop on "Crimes of the Heart" here! Devious Maids

After last week’s jaw-dropping episode, you better believe we’ll be watching “Devious Maids” when it returns on Sunday, May 11, at 10 p.m. EDT.

If you thought episode 3, “Dangerous Liaisons,” was dramatic due to Alejandro’s funeral and Evelyn’s near-death encounter, just wait until you see the shenanigans Marc Cheery has in store when “Crimes of the Heart” airs.

According to the episode 4 synopsis, fans of the series can expect Marisol to become suspicious of Nicholas after the shocking news she learned about her fiancé and Opal. Genevieve will encourage Zoila to take a date to a family event while Evelyn will concoct a plan to drive Adrian out of the house. Looks like she's not too happy about him "accidentally" shooting her with his night's watch gun. Carmen’s new job will create a conflict in episode 4, and Valentina and Ethan will grow closer.

We also researched the significance of episode 4's title. Apparently, Cheery is going with a theme this year to dub all his episodes after influential plays. And next week’s episode is named after tragic comedy written by Beth Henley.

Devious Maids season 2 spoilers
How will Evelyn get Adrian out of the house in episode 4 of "Devious Maids"? Devious Maids

“Crimes of the Heart” was completed in 1978 and tells the story of the three MaGrath sisters; Meg, Babe and Lenny, who are reunited at Old Granddaddy’s home in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, after Babe shoots her abusive husband. Could this be referring to Evelyn and Adrian’s relationship? Perhaps! From a sneak-peek trailer, we hear Evelyn tell her Latin hunk of an employee, Tony, that she wants to be with him. But he refuses to fulfill her wishes with Adrian still in the house.

“But he’s always in the house,” she replies.

“Then you better think of a way to get him out,” Tony answers. Looks like Evelyn’s mission “Get-Rid-Of-Adrian” starts now!

According to the play’s synopsis, the trio was raised in a dysfunctional family with a penchant for ugly predicaments. Each sister has endured her fair share of hardship and misery. “Past resentments bubble to the surface as they’re forced to deal with assorted relatives and past relationships with coping with the latest incident that has disrupted their lives,” the summary continued. Each sister is then forced to face the consequences of the “crimes of the heart” that she had committed.

We have a feeling this will be a very Evelyn- and Adrian-focused episode. What are your thoughts? Chime in with your predictions in the comments section below, and don’t forget to tune into “Devious Maids” this Sunday.