“Devious Maids” Season 4 Spoilers
The ladies of “Devious Maids” uncover a shocking secret in Season 4, episode 8 of the hit Lifetime series. Lifetime

Rosie is so close to finding out who murdered Peri, we can practically smell the blood on the killer’s hands. But before we unveil whom our latest Season 4 suspect is, let’s take a look at what went down in episode 8 of Lifetime’s “Devious Maids.”

The episode kicks off on a light note with Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) and Adrian (Tom Irwin) splitting the house — including Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) — down the middle. Not wanting to be pulled in separate directions, Carmen flees the Powell residence. But Adrian manages to track his employee down, questioning how Evelyn managed to get back into the house when he just updated the mansion’s safety features.

That’s when Carmen caves, revealing Evelyn had given her jewelry in exchange for access into the home. So, Adrian fires her. But Carmen doesn’t go down without a fight. The newly unemployed character reaches out to Evelyn to state her case as to why the socialite should hire her to clean her side of the house. Case and point? It will drive Adrian nuts. Wanting nothing more than to irritate her husband, Evelyn agrees. But Carmen isn’t the only maid sweeping up drama at the Powell household. Adrian reveals to Evelyn’s maid that he too has hired help: Carmen’s daughter Dani (Sol Rodriguez).

Carmen isn’t the only one with family drama. Rosie reveals to her friend that Spence (Grant Show) isn’t actually Tucker’s (Carter Birchwell) biological father. “They did a blood test at the hospital. Spence is not the father!” she confirms only to have Carmen burst out in laughter. The tickled character compares Rosie’s news to an episode of “Maury” … but more sad. Rosie tells her friend that she thinks Tucker’s real father is the one responsible for killing Peri. So, Rosie decides to track down Tucker’s dad … but not before visiting Spence. As Rosie preps for her visit with Spence, Zoila (Judy Reyes) prepares her breakup speech for Kyle (Ryan McPartlin).

“I’m not just not feeling the romance between us anymore,” she says to him. But Kyle doesn’t quite grasp that he’s getting dumped. Instead he thinks that Zoila is saying she wants him to draw her more bubble baths, thus forcing Zoila to go with her Plan B: Get Kyle to move back home.

But in order to do that, she’ll need Frances’ (Stephanie Faracy) help. She tells Kyle’s mom that she wants to break up with Kyle and the only way to do that is to get him to move back in with her. The two devise a plan to get Kyle running back home by setting Frances’ curtains on fire. Their knight in shinning armor arrives, giving them an opportunity to manipulate him to move back into his mom’s house.

Once Kyle agrees to move back into his old bedroom, a fireman tells the family that he wants to check the attic for damage. Both Frances and Kyle scream “no,” causing Zoila to scratch her head. What could they possibly have to hide up there?

Rosie finds out after paying Shannon (Katherine LaNasa) a visit. Unable to break the news to Spence, who she married in the prison, that Tucker isn’t his biological son, Rosie heads straight to Shannon’s house to get some answers. Upon her arrival, she sees Shannon burning The Circle’s book. (Kyle recently told Shannon that she got played by The Circle.) She then calls Peri’s sister out for knowing Spence wasn’t Tucker’s father before prying for info about the man Peri cheated on Spence with.

“She wasn’t having an affair,” Shannon reveals. “She was raped. Some guy drugged her and has his way with her. Nine months later, Tucker was born.”

Shannon tells Rosie that Peri refused to give up her rapist’s name, but divulged he was in the movie industry. Suddenly, the episode cuts to scene starring Peter (James Denton) — Marisol’s (Ana Ortiz) movie executive boyfriend. Fans get a peek at Peter’s dark side when he learns from his assistant, who is misinformed, that Marisol is having an affair with Jesse (Nathan Owens). He wrecks his desk moments after revealing to audiences that he had picked out an engagement ring for Marisol. (Little does Peter know Marisol broke things off with Jesse.)

But Peter isn’t the only one with a devilish side. When Dani returns to Beverly Hills, she reveals to Carmen that she tracked down her birth father — and that he’s dead. The news destroys Carmen. Dani’s father was her first love! So, in an attempt to rebuild her relationship with Dani, she gives her daughter her prized possession: A ring from Dani’s father. Dani accepts the gift then makes a suspicious phone call when Carmen leaves. It’s her birth father. She tells him that Carmen doesn’t want him to come to Beverly Hills. Guess Carmen’s first true love is alive … and her daughter is a liar.

Speaking of liars, Zoila offers to help Rosie uncover what Kyle and Frances are hiding in the attic when his friend reveals that maybe Peri’s initiation tape for The Circle may reveal who raped her. Perhaps it’s next to Ben’s (Carlos Ponce) decaying body!

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