• Blizzard Entertainment recently shared the development progress of "Diablo IV"
  • The upcoming game will feature a new talent and skill system 
  • Blizzard has not yet announced the release window of "Diablo IV"

Blizzard Entertainment shared a new quarterly update detailing some of the improvements and progress made on the much-awaited game “Diablo IV.”

The game developer released a new info dump concerning “Diablo IV” on its official blog site. The latest update offers a deep dive into the game’s current development state. It also provided details on talents, skills, legendary items, sorceress enhancement systems and the end game of progression system.

Additionally, the latest “Diablo IV” update highlighted that it took fans’ feedback about itemization. The devs promised that it would provide more updates on this particular side of the game in its upcoming reports. Skills and talents are crucial aspects of most action RPG titles like “Diablo IV.”

Its predecessor features a divisive but straightforward system where players gain new abilities as they level up. When the game developers launched “Diablo IV,” it revealed a basic talent tree system where players could spend skill points to unlock and upgrade abilities, as well as passive effects. The new skill trees feature more nodes and distinguish sections for passive and active abilities.

Diablo 3 PS3
The “Diablo 3” game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, for PS3. Blizzard Entertainment

In “Diablo IB,” the skill tree is a literal tree that comes with a lot of diverging paths. The branches are made up of active abilities while the passive abilities are found in the roots. Meanwhile, the square nodes stand for active skills, while the circular ones optimize those active points.

When “Diablo IV” players unlock nodes in those branches, they earn points that can be utilized on passive ability nodes. When players reach the end game content, they should have approximately 30 to 40 percent of the nodes chosen. Essentially, this means there should be several builds for every class in the game.

Blizzard also shared some details about the new Enchantment system for the Sorceress, which appears to be similar to the Barbarian’s Arsenal System. This new mechanic enables players to convert active skills into passive abilities. This, in turn, gives players a secondary bonus power.

Blizzard has not yet announced the release window of “Diablo IV.” The gaming studio did not mention if the game will be available to next-generation gaming consoles aside from the earlier mentioned gaming platforms, PC, Xbox One and PS4.